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Display Pireps Based on Pilots Hub


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Hey guys! 


I wanted to pick your brains about possibly getting the pireps to display based on the pilots hubs. I'd like to have it so you can go to a hub and see the pireps its filled. I am unsure how to do this the clean way! I know I can perform the following 

@if ($pirep->user->home_airport->icao == 'KCLT')

In doing it this way I lose any pagination features as it's just filtering through already gathered data.


Any thoughts would be appreciated! 

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So you would like a list of PIREPS for each hub, but is this filtered on the PIREP's dep/arr airport or the PIREP user's home airport? So in other words for each hub a list of PIREPS to/from that airport or a list of PIREPS from users from that hub? I'll assume the latter based on your example.


Not sure where you want to display it, but I would recommend a HUBS page (if that's what you are going for):

public function METHOD($icao) {
        $pireps = $this->pirepRepo
            ->whereHas('user', function ($query) use($icao) {
                return $query->where('home_airport_id', '=', $icao);



or if you wanted the first option

public function METHOD($icao) {
        $where = ['dpt_airport_id' => $icao];
        $orWhere = ['arr_airport_id' => $icao];

        $pireps = $this->pirepRepo->scopeQuery(function($query) use ($where, $orWhere) {
            return $query->where($where)->orWhere($orWhere)->orderBy('created_at', 'desc');


I think there's a whereOrder() method somewhere but not sure if it applies to this case.


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