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PHPVMS 7 on MAMP PRO Install error


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I am trying to install PHPVMS v7 on my local MAMP PRO  system.  7.0.0-beta.4

[1] I created the database in Mysql  OK

[2] i went to MAMP folder and htdocs and created my folder for PHPVMS  i.e. Flightiva

[3] i pointed the browser to http://localhost:8701/flightiva/   and saw the message that PHPVMS is not installed head to the installer 


Right on point 3 the PHPVMS logo is missing from the header


[4]  I clicked  the head on to the installer  

[5]  get error message  

Not Found

The requested URL /flightiva/install was not found on this server.


Is there a problem in using MAMP PRO with PHPVMS

I am running PHP 7.3


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i amended the code 

// Uncomment this line if you're having issues with the redirecting not working properly

$app->setPublicUrlPath(env('APP_PUBLIC_URL', '/public'));

this got that part working as I have the logo and the correct button for INSTALL now 

But pressing INSTALL i get the screen error 

Page Not Found

Well, this is embarrassing, the page you requested does not exist.Click here to go back to the home page.

and the url at the top reads 


but looking at the public folder there is no Install Folder ? 


any help would be appreciated 


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