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Pages issues (solved)

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We were starting to copy over our History and rules but for some reason we cannot save much text in a page.  Most times it is not even a sentence it just loses the pasted text leaving a short sentence.


I have tried creating a test page and typing characters down the page but cannot save more than a line or two.


Is there a limit on these pages or is there a system of entering or is this a bug.


Check the pages on www.cyber-air.org  


It is the same which ever skin we use.


I have tried it on the demo site and it is the same, I copied the notice and asked it twice and it cut it down to one line.


I have seen nothing on Github.  Using phpVMS 7.0.0 -dev





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9 hours ago, miniarma said:

We cannot see any pages added. Have you made them public under the admin panel ?

Yes they are set to public, maybe the next problem


Best regards


Chris Schnaedelbach

CEO Cyber Air VA

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