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Checking if this is a bug.


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I wanted to check if this is a bug before I even try going to the Github page.


I have found that in some places you cannot delete an entry that you have saved and now want to remove it.  I have two examples.


Example 1

1) Edit a User allocating a role for example Flight Editor  (Created in Roles) and save.  He has access to flights

2) Now go back into the same user and press the little x to delete that role and save.

3) Go back into the User again you will find the he still has flight editor and access.


Note this is the only entry in that field so it is not allowing you to return it to the previous empty state.  


In this example I wanted to stop a guy editing so the only was was to create a role with no permissions which I called null user then added that instead of flight editor.


Example 2


1)  When entering a flight recently I entered a Monday in the optional day field.

2) I went back in and pressed the little x to remove Monday and saved

3) When I went back into the flight the Monday entry is still there.  I tried three times.


In the end I deleted the flight and started again.


It seems that both these fields do not like it to be empty once used.


Or am I doing something wrong.






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