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Hi guys

Finally managed to get everything working, big change coming from VAM to phpVMS I must say, but before I start bringing all my flights etc over, a quick question. How easy is it to add my Logo to the site, and to change all the blue colour to something else?

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The best way of changing the style of the default is to creat a copy of the style.css file give it you own name, then alter the app.blade.php file to include your style after the line for the original style.


Then you can alter the colours and add any alterations you want.  There are plenty of examples on the web.






Just a couple of great locations to research.  I had started way back trying to alter the default style.css until I was told to leave that one and create your own, that way any updates to the default style does not break your work.


Hope this helps, I only started in November with no experience of this and with guidance from the guys on discord.





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On 1/31/2021 at 2:56 PM, kelsoroofer said:

Thanks, managed to change the colour now, Is there a way to change the blue vms logo at the right, (the drop down for profile / Admin) I tried to change the SVG icon but it still apears

Yes, you have to replace the gravatar line with your own link.



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