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Pay Rate in Pilot's Profile


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I currently have some code put in to show the payrate in the pilot's profile.  I would like to have this amount update with the pay adjustment feature in the admin panel.  Here are 2 pictures and the code I have put in.  Thanks for any help to get this working.


<li><strong>Total Money: </strong><?php echo FinanceData::FormatMoney($userinfo->payrate) ?></li><br />



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Be careful with this next line of script, and on another note Pay Adjustment will Not bare any per/hr payrate, the only place to get this is in the Control Panel , Admin section of phpvms. However here is a script that should work for you, edit as you desire of course, the basic script is;

<td align="center"><?php echo Config::Get('MONEY_UNIT').$rank->payrate.'/hr'; ?></td>

This script is pulled from the yoursite.net/admin/templates/ranks_allranks.php , as mentioned this is the only place this lives in phpvms, hope this helps.

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Sorry, I'm bad, you need to replace this; 

<td align="center"><?php echo Config::Get('MONEY_UNIT').$rank->payrate.'/hr'; ?></td>

with This, in the pilot_main.php file;

<td align="center"><?php echo Config::Get('MONEY_UNIT').$pilot->payrate.'/hr'; ?></td>

I am using this and of course rearrange to your skin etc. This does work well. Sorry about the Error, dizzy Day LOL


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