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Is it possible to load two or more sub-fleets in a CSV file of 500 routes or more? It's possible?


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There is a problem with massively assigning two or more planes to many routes.
If you have 500 routes created and you create two sub-fleets, assigning each route, one by one, the two sub-fleets is a never-ending task.
If you add a single sub-fleet, when exporting the CSV file, the aircraft appears added in the subfleets column.
If you add two sub-fleets, and re-export the csv file, the second sub-fleet appears added in the column fares.
I understand that the fares column cannot contain a subfleet.

In other words:
If in a CSV file exported from Routes, you put a sub-fleet in the subfleets column and the other sub-fleet in the fares column, when you import the csv file into phpvms, you can see how the fares section contains a fleet.

Either this is wrong, or it's me who doesn't understand it.

And if I want to add three sub-blooms, the third is loaded into the fields column.
Can someone explain to me how to load two sub-fleets, one of the A320 and the other of the B738 in bulk to 500 routes.
Do I have to do it in the administration panel, one by one?

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I mean you do not need to assign them one by one from the admin panel ... If you open the csv with excel or something like it, it makes changes to the columns.


You should either use another software for it, or use load data from text option in excel (instead of double clicking the csv file)


What you need is to separate the subfleets with semicolon like below




Notice that subfleet sections starts with a comma (,) then i have 4 subfleets and they are separated with semicolons (;) and then subfleets section ends with a comma (,)




But when you double click a csv file with excel, it simply changes all commas to semicolons, thus breaking our import logic.


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