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v7 Guide : Setup Tips for Installing and Initial Configuration

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I do get lots of personal messages/questions about this, "ok I installed v7 what next ?" Here you may find your answer, if not do not hesitate to ask (not personally but via forum so everyone can benefit from the answer)


0. Which version should I download and install ?

Definitely NOT beta4 ! Please download and install LATEST DEVELOPMENT ( in short terms dev or latest dev) build, it is much more stable compared to beta4 and have many improvements.

If you install beta4 and have some errors (you will have them for sure), the first reply to your support question will be "install latest dev".


1. How do I install v7 ?

Please do check docs.phpvms.net , it is pretty well documented. And make sure you are meeting all the requirements, then apply the instructions there for uploading.


2. Where to install v7 ?

This is up to you, considering that laravel does not like being installed under folders it is still possible with some tricks to htaccess file. But I think best location is a new subdomain, it will cost you nothing (if you are not using a strange host) and will save you from further troubles for sure.







3. What next ?


  • Define at least two airports


I do prefer defining my hubs first. Hubs are your main bases of operation.

Do this manually , admin -> airports , add new airport . Write the ICAO code and click lookup, phpvms v7 will get the correct data in correct format for you. Click save.

No need to enter Ground Handling Costs or Fuel Prices at this moment, you can do that later (or can use default / fixed prices for all your airports)


  • Define at least one Fare ( details can be found at other guides )
  • Define at least one Subfleet ( details can be found at other guides )
  • Define at least one Aircraft
  • Define at least one Flight


Optionally you may


  • Assign your subfleet(s) to your flight(s)


Go to settings, disable below checks during initial setup (you may alter them later according to your wishes)


  • Disable Pireps Restrict Aircraft to Ranks ( enabled by default )
  • Disable Pilots : Auto Accept New Pilot ( enabled by default )
  • Disable Pireps : Restrict Aircraft At Departure
  • Disable Pilots Flights from Current
  • Disable Pilots Restrict the flights to company


While you are at settings, check below items are enabled/active , if not enable them


  • Check General Automatic airport lookup ( should be enabled by default )
  • Check Pilots : Hubs as home airport


You are basically ready now ... Rest is admin work and needs time, having and managing a virtual airline is not an easy task. phpVms v7 is only here to help you, it can not do things for you :)


4. How can I block bots being registered to my va ?

Well, you can not block them totally but using Google ReCaptcha reduces their amount. And phpvms v7 is ready for this, just check Google docs and obtain your site keys, then enter them to your phpvms v7 config.php

Also disabling Auto Accept New Pilot option is a good way to block them reaching content of your va.


5. Where the hell are airports ? ( "Why I am forced to enter them, this software is crap !" etc etc )

PhpVms v7 is capable of looking up airport details when requested, so calm down. There are more than 50k airports around the world and populating your database with them just slows things down. MySQL is capable of handling them, but it will make your phpvms slower for sure.


You can import airports, there is a feature for that BUT before importing make sure that file is containing valid data without any errors and is fully compatible with v7. Importing a file with incorrect data make things worse and let you have unexpected errors during usage.


For example, importing airports directly from sources like OurAirports is not a solution. It does not provide time zones for airports, locations (cities) are not compatible with v7 location logic and have errors in it (i do checked some countries I know, found really strange errors and wrong ICAO codes being used for airports). Simply it is not a good source to start with.


"What about i do get an export of some other v7 user's airports and insert them to mine ?"

If you know that the other user's database is populated with correct data and you intend to use the same airports this may be a starting solution.


Best way to add airports to v7 is importing flights (or some call them schedules or routes). With the `Automatic airport lookup` option enabled, missing airports from the flights you imported will be added to your database, and with correct/reliable information in the correct format.


By using this method, you will get what you need and when you need. To import flights, just do an export of your current flight(s), you will have a proper csv file. Then you can edit it,


"I am insisting on having losts of airports even when they are not needed, I do want to populate my database with useless entries. What should i do ?"

You can use flight import trick to get there. Just add fake flights to all of the world airports in a csv file, then import it. After importing the flights you can safely delete them (not the airports but the flights).

And to do a mass delete operation you need to use a database workbench tool like phpmyadmin.


6. Which ACARS software should I use, which is the best one ?

Currently, you have only one choice ... it is called vmsAcars and developed by the same person developing phpVms v7. There are no demo versions for it, there are no other (free/paid) solutions either.

So if you are not a developer yourself, you need vmsAcars.


"What about kAcars, smartCARS, cACARS ?" etc. Nope, they are not compatible with v7.


7. Where are the skins or addons for v7 ? "I do want to spend some cash on them"

You can find some at Downloads section of the forum, be sure that the addon (be it a skin or a widget or a module) is fully compatible with the version you installed. Do not try to install older version files to v7.

This logic applies to both v7 addons developed for beta4 and addons developed or phpvms v5/v2 etc.


As far as I know, the only paid addon for v7 was a tour module, which is not working propery (and people bought it had problems, tried refunding their money back).

And there is only one paid skin (as of the date this is written), you can find its topic at this forum too.




We may add more questions and answers in time, for now above items should be enough for start I think.


Happy installs and safe flights ;)


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