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Errors On site rendering site unusable


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Hello Guys


Ive a big problem here


i cant add schedules to my site  if i do i get  2 errors  one is    There was an error adding the schedule, already exists DB error: Field 'route_details' doesn't have a default value  << fixing that by adding NULL to the schedules database


will result with this one >> There was an error adding the schedule, already exists DB error: Incorrect double value: '' for column luxuryai_phpvms.phpvms_schedules.payforflight at row 1


i also have the Aircraft market Mod on my site   Can No Longer add Aircraft  have tried adding the Airbus A220-300 to the Airbus Market 3 times the site said Aircraft added  but when i checked it was a no show 


also we can book a flight and fly it with Smartcars  but when we land and go to file the pirep guess what  it fails to send or doesn't show up in admin for us to accept   please help me here am at a dead end and i need this fixed asap


if you need to ive attached pictures below


Phpvms Version simpilot/php7.2


Theme is : Stislaskin 


if you require an admin account on the site please pm me asap







error 1.png

error 2.png

error 3.png

error 4.png

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7 hours ago, ProAvia said:

What version of MySQL or MariaDB are you using?

Shared hosting, VPS or other hosting?

Hi ProAvia


MySQL Version10.3.28-MariaDB-cll-lve      what i got off my cpanel    hosts updated mysql so we could use Moodle for our Academy Services  this happened recently


never heard of MariaDB until phpvms7 soo i dont know much about it 


its paid Hosting By HostPresto been with them for a few years now





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MariaDB is an alternate to MySQL. You have either MySql or MariaDB.

phpVMS 5.5.2 and hafe issues with MySql above 5.7.4 and MariaDB above 10.1

Mostly this is related to Strict Mode. Ask your hosting company to turn Strict Mode off.

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