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Crewcenter to Wix paid hosting


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9 minutes ago, igusim said:

Hi guys ı am starting up a virtual airline whith Wix. I have The Wix paid hosting whith everythying unlimited. I did everything but ı dont know how to add the crewcenter to wix? How can ı?


Do they support, php 7.3 and up ?

Do they offer MySQL and/or MariaDB ?

Do they have all required php extensions installed and enabled ?

Do they have a control panel for you, where you can upload files, create subdomains, manage databases etc.


Simply, do their services meet PhpVms v7 requirements ?


If so, then follow docs and you will be fine ... If they fail any of the requirements, consider finding yourself a proper hosting service provider.



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Yeah, you asked a similar question two weeks ago ... We gave the same answer. You need to check what they offer and compare it to phpvms v7 requirements. We can not do that for you sorry :( 


If you wish, you can ask to their support by copy / pasting the requirements or just providing them the docs/requirements link to get a proper answer.


Hope you figure it out 'cause once you know the results, rest will be following the docs for install (or looking for another provider).

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