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vmsAcars errors


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So far everything has been made useful on PHPVMS7 except for a couple of vmsAcars errors. vmsAcars url ID is freightdogcargo.org and the API key is the same as the website API on the acars.exe. The vmsAcars API from the email is on the vmsAcars/admin. The manual pireps work just fine.

I've looked at the docs several times and can't figure out the cause on these two these two issues. If even loaded FSX.pln flight plans on acars.exe are the same issues happening. Most all my flight planes are FSX.rte (for qualitywings 757) and FSX.pln are on my ... /document/flight simulator x files. I reinstalled FSIUPD and installed MakeRwys. MakeRwys works since all the files are in the flight simulator x folder (not the document folder). 

All the airports are in the airports/admin on 1513 flight number (KRFD & KCVG). It's not just flight 1513. Happens on all.



I have a couple of other issues BOT and "not secure" on website. I can deal with that later unless there is a solution for those as well. SSH for BOT?



config error.png

Invalid License.png

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