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United Virtual Airlines is recruiting!


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Connecting people. Uniting the world. Virtually.


United Virtual was created in December of 2020 to provide virtual pilots with a modern, relaxed, yet state-of-the-art virtual airline experience.  Our extensive and growing list of features that separate us from other virtual airlines includes integrated SimBrief departure briefings, bi-weekly/monthly group flights and hosted events, an innovative, state-of-the-art and user-friendly crew center, a helpful and friendly staff team dedicated to providing a unique experience, free VATSTAR virtual pilot training, an active Discord server, and our United Virtual MileagePlus rewards program.  We are excited to share all these features with you, and more! 


Some of the core features of our virtual airline are the state-of-the-art modules that run it. We’re proud to offer a flexible and user-friendly system that meets the needs of our pilots. Offering everything from events, custom built tours, to optional flight assignments and more. We pride ourselves on keeping our schedules up-to-date bi-monthly and currently simulate 26 major airlines including United, United Express, Delta, American, Alaska, Southwest, Jet Blue, Emirates, Lufthansa, Avianca and many more! Plus, at UVA, you can fly what you want, when you want, as there are no aircraft type restrictions on our ranks.  Our #flyFriendly motto means that we will always seek to innovate, update and elevate our pilot experience.  Our development and staff team are always standing by and looking for ways to improve and enrich your virtual airline experience.


Visit http://www.flyuva.org to experience the UVA difference for yourself and apply to join our ranks.  Whether you are new to flight simulation or are a real-world airline Captain, all are welcomed at UVA!  We hope to see you in the #friendlyskies soon! Our SOPs are available at: https://crew.flyuva.org/lib/downloads/StandardOperatingProcedures.pdf.
We hope to see you in the #friendlyskies soon!

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8 hours ago, ProAvia said:

What CMS are you using - phpVMS or something else?

If phpVMS, do you have a no attribution license? And why wouldn't you add phpVMS to your 'partners' page?

He is using phpvms, but it is used for the crew center, if you click crew login, you will see powered by phpvms at the bottom of the form.

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56 minutes ago, Strider said:

He is using phpvms, but it is used for the crew center, if you click crew login, you will see powered by phpvms at the bottom of the form.


That wasn't there yesterday when I checked. I see they have also added the phpVMS logo to the partners section as well as the "powered by phpVMS" to the bottom of the main page.


While many times it is an oversight, some developers just remove it for no logical reason. One specific developer comes to mind...


In any case, glad to see that https://www.flyuva.org/ added the phpVMS attribution. I wish them well in their endeavour. 

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