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  1. It will work in php 7.1 but it will not work in 7.2 without a lot of editing.
  2. It only seems to have trouble with submitting data to t he db, it can read the db
  3. tried a fresh install, even tried nabeels updated phpvms that returns to tpl's but no it didn't work either.
  4. Simpilot 5.5.2 I litteraly just transfered the files and db over from the backup I got before my last host closed up shop. I am not sure it is reading the DB, as if I try manually from a bid it says the schedule doesn't exist, but it does.
  5. That has gotten that error gone, but the pirep still doesn't submit. It is telling me the schedule doesn't exist now, even though the schedule does exist. And it seems to be accepting pireps from smartcars and my custom kacars, but the pirep does not show in the admin or the db. It is triggering the a pirep has been submitted email but nothing shows. The php version my server is using is 5.6, I can go back to 5.4 but that doesn't seem to help.
  6. Is anyone going to help???
  7. Fatal error: 'break' not in the 'loop' or 'switch' context in /core/modules/ACARS/ACARS.php on line 176 I changed the php version to php 7.0 am using phpvms version 5.5.x by simpilot. I have checked that file and the line and there is a break there, but it is an if statement not a switch statement. I have been having trouble as I have had to move hosts and the new server is not letting me file pireps, using either acars program or manual.
  8. I have somehow fixed that error, but now it tells me the schedule does not exist, when it does.
  9. Hi, I am trying to file a pirep at my VA, but I keep getting the following error: Deprecated: Non-static method CodonEvent::hasStop() should not be called statically, assuming $this from incompatible context in /core/modules/PIREPS/PIREPS.php on line 478 How do I fix that problem as I am unable to file thus others will be unable, it I think is causing a problem for smartcars too, as it wont file the pirep.
  10. just change the file types to tpl and edit the module and data class where it gives the template file so it ends with .tpl and not .php
  11. On the list at number 6 you tell people to install phpvms onto that subdomain. If you are not supposed to, why tell them to do that. I have also tried to install this, but when i go to the installer, it just sends me to the main site.
  12. There seems to be a problem I need to work out.
  13. Those errors look to be comeong from somewhere else and not the codeshare module. Usually what causes the add to bid button to not work is a javascript file in the wrong place.
  14. If you can use teamviewer I can have a look see if I can fix your problem
  15. Pretty sure it is case sensitive. Try making the change web541 said, that should work.
  16. Strange as I left that code in, as it is part of the code I use, so it should get them, check and see if it is trying to get an image that might be that cause. tbh without seeing the site I am unable to give a huge amount of help as I can't really grasp the problem throuogh text alone.
  17. You can change that, you can use whatever pagination you like with it.
  18. They wont show if they have no hours yet.
  19. Is that the case for all hubs? If not it could be that it is hiding the inactive pilots, if you go to line 115 in hubview.tpl/php either comment out that line or delete it, same with line 116 it is hiding all pilots with 0 hours. comment out or delete that and it will show all pilots, if that doesn't work it could be having a problem with talking to the db
  20. See if you have an error_log in the server and open it see what it says inside it.
  21. Do you have permission to add? It is restricted by what permissions have been set for different staff members.
  22. Make sure you remove the old module and upload the new. Or delete your cookies and refresh, as it could be going off a cached version.
  23. I edited my post, for some reason it thought the you was part of the link. It now works.
  24. https://github.com/S.../codeshare You can download it there
  25. It seems you are using the version for nabeel's phpvms, if you use simpilots version you need to download it again as it uses .php instead of .tpl now
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