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[ADD-ON] Disposable Extended Pack

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Disposable Extended Pack

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Disposable Extended Pack


Offers; Tours, Free Flights (with SimBrief support), Monthly Flight Assignments, Notams, Aircraft Maintenance, mostly configurable Custom Expenses and Custom Income for pireps and some more (like handy administrative functions) etc.


This module is technically "DonationWare", where you donate (for good) and how much you donate is up to you.


DonationWare Explained


Yes, this module is not FREE but it does not have fixed price tag too. So you will decide how much you donate and where you donate. Below you will see some options, and yes I am at the very last line of that list.


  • Religious Community (nearby church or mosque etc, people you really know helping others in need for the glory of God)
  • Neighborhood community (like the one above, helping homeless and poor)
  • Military staff community (like helping wounded soldiers of your country, those men risked their lives for us amd deserve some support from us too)
  • Animal shelters nearby (yes, their lives are important too and much more important than most of crowd around us)
  • Author of this module (if you really want to and can not find somewhere else for donation)


How you can donate to me? As this is the last choice, there are no pre-defined ways. You may gift something from simulation software shops (like gift cards etc) or just send me an email about it so we can find a way.

By donating something to me, you are not giving any money to me (think it like handing it over for another donation). 
When I get your donation, I am helping lives (either human or animal) in need around my neighborhood. Simply, I am not using your donation for myself.




And just a friendly reminder, by doing a donation you will not own the code or will have priority support etc. As long as I am around, I will keep updating the module 'cause development never ends. But this does not mean that I will add everything to this module or when you request it :) If your request is reasonable and not va/company specific I may work on it. If not you may need to come up with our own solution, preferably as a separate module for yourself (so you can easily update this module when needed)


Note; Download provided here holds the text above, nothing more.


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