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[ADD-ON] Disposable Extended Pack


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Disposable Extended Pack

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Disposable Extended Pack


Offers; Tours, Free Flights (with SimBrief support), Monthly Flight Assignments, Notams, Aircraft Maintenance, mostly configurable Custom Expenses and Custom Income for pireps and some more (like handy administrative functions) etc.


This module is technically "DonationWare", where you donate (for good) and how much you donate is up to you.


DonationWare Explained


Yes, this module is not FREE but it does not have fixed price tag too. So you will decide how much you donate and where you donate. Below you will see some options, and yes I am at the very last line of that list.


  • Religious Community (nearby church or mosque etc, people you really know helping others in need for the glory of God)
  • Neighborhood community (like the one above, helping homeless and poor)
  • Military staff community (like helping wounded soldiers of your country, those men risked their lives for us amd deserve some support from us too)
  • Animal shelters nearby (yes, their lives are important too and much more important than most of crowd around us)
  • Author of this module (if you really want to and can not find somewhere else for donation)


How you can donate to me? As this is the last choice, there are no pre-defined ways. You may gift something from simulation software shops (like gift cards etc) or just send me an email about it so we can find a way.

By donating something to me, you are not giving any money to me (think it like handing it over for another donation). 
When I get your donation, I am helping lives (either human or animal) in need around my neighborhood. Simply, I am not using your donation for myself.




And just a friendly reminder, by doing a donation you will not own the code or will have priority support etc. As long as I am around, I will keep updating the module 'cause development never ends. But this does not mean that I will add everything to this module or when you request it :) If your request is reasonable and not va/company specific I may work on it. If not you may need to come up with our own solution, preferably as a separate module for yourself (so you can easily update this module when needed)


Note; Download provided here holds the text above, nothing more.


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My apologies, I did not mean it as a test.  More so to put in time flying routes for your company and understanding how a real VA operates.  Kinda like a management training program.  I have 143 active users in my VA, and I have been working to provide them a platform based on phpVMS that we can all be proud of.  I meant no disrespect, and come humbled by your abilities.  You are a legend, and I only attempted to provide my team with an education obtained from the best.  I will send you the proof now.  Thank you.

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Thanks for your kind thoughts :) I still prefer you flying for your own va along with some of your management staff (under a test environment/domain), get used to managing/configuring phpvms v7 and Disposable addons, then when you feel ok switch to live ops.


If you already have 143 active users, then you should already have some experience about VA management ;) Rest is just technical details, reading docs, trying out options, fine tuning things as per your needs, in simple term "admin duties". Being a member of my va will not provide you those details 'cause you will be a "pilot" there, no admin access, no rights to change things etc.


What you will get by installing Disposable Addons (Basic, Extended and Theme) is the same at my VA. I did not hided things to myself or my va, just added some personal things on top of them.


Check your messages too.


Best wishes

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Thank you I understand.   I started as an Admin on day 1, as we had problems with the previous solution we used called OnAir.  We just celebrated our 1 year anniversary on Christmas day.  So you are right, I do have a bit of management experience, but even the best leaders can still polish and augment what they know.  I will take the advice of keeping the crowd small for testing, and move to live ops when we understand more.  I appreciate you taking the time to consult with me, and look forward to future interactions.  We would be happy to join any events that come up, or maybe taking donation ware a step further and possibly collaborating a fundraiser drive to support local causes.


That said, I wonder if I can bounce an idea off your head.   What if there was a way to connect all the hosted phpVMS VAs and create a sort of global economy? 


Thanks again.

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To be honest, I did not liked the way OnAir operates. The idea is good and sounds promising, but the execution sucks. The way they operate, the way people handling things (like the prices they put for some jobs or aircraft rentals) are just funny. Which makes it a game where some people have fun, rather than a real life like economically simulated airline industry world.


I used it, some of my friends was at the top tier servers (I forgot what it was called), tried to help them with realistic details etc but it did not took long for me to realize that it will not be possible :) Even if you create an airline there and make everything realistic, the rest will not follow you and you will fail in the massive multiplayer world of it. You can create an airline and close your doors to outside world of OnAir, which is the same as installing phpvms v7 to your domain and having the same virtual airline ;) 


Only difference will be the amount you save by not subscribing to OnAir, you can spend that amount to much useful places (like donating to charities) and still keep the fun of flying together with friends. In short term, OnAir may look cheap (on the management side) but needs pilots to subscribe for flying, but in long term having a virtual airline is much cheaper compared to it. You can divide the costs of management (acars license, domain, server etc) to all members or just to the management team, which then will be more cheaper for everyone participating.


Your wish is really hard to accomplish, technically it requires a main server which will manage pretty much every single income, expense, airline, fleet etc. So all members will be on the same level, imagine you creating a fleet. You need to have some money or lease aircraft, after that step you need to define its costs, all of these should come from a main server and you (as the va admin) should not be allowed to change them. Same thing needs to be done at income/expense level, fuel prices, parking fees, air traffic costs etc. All needs to be handled by that main server and member airlines should not be allowed to change/override them for a "global economy" ;) If you left some doors open people will reduce expenses and increase their income and at that point the whole logic fails... 


Anyway, I do prefer having my own simulated virtual airline with close to real life financial values, letting myself and my friends to fly and enjoy the realistic details (if they wish, if not they can just fly and skip the finance part).


Best wishes

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