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Pilot pay - Modify


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You are not missing something, it is not implemented (maybe because of the different finance logic used in v7)


Only way to alter the amount of money someone has is by creating a transaction record (either credit or debit), directly editing a balance is not possible and this applies to both pilots/members and airlines.

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OK, I understand. Which would you suggest as the fastest way to do that?
I mean, in practice, how would I go about creating a transaction (whether debit or credit)?
Really have not understood yet the core logic of this new platform (which seems great however and attracts me) and therefore I am not sure where to start 🙃

As always, I appreciate the time you are taking to help us out.

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Well, it really depends...


You can have a code of your own, with one input field (to enter the amount) and one type selector (credit/debit) and maybe one dropdown to select the user. And then with the data you entered/selected you can call core code to record the transaction properly.


Or (with the form logic explained above) you can have your own code there to insert the record to the database directly (which will be a waste of time to write it all, I would use the core method for this, it is already there).


Or if you want, you can play with your database directly, insert either credit or debit records to the correct table with the correct data/format etc.


Or you can have a flight, like a welcome test flight, set it to pay a fixed amount (admin > flights > pick one here > edit pilot pay and save). Then force new pilots to fly it only, when you accept their pireps they will be credited that amount. No coding knowledge or database tricks needed. Nice and easy, new pilots get their start up fee and get used to the system by doing a flight ;)


Hope it helps, safe flights clear skies.

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