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  1. Hey guys, I'm looking for somebody that has experience and talent with video production. I'm interested in creating a YouTube video promo for Fly Star Alliance and would like to get some quotes. Thanks Will
  2. Really guys?? I guess nobody wants to make some easy money...... WOW
  3. We need a graphic designer able to take care of some awards for various parts of the website. I will provide sizes, ideas and eventual material needed to have an idea of what I want. We are not maniacs, but if you look at our website it looks nice, clean and professional and we want to keep it that way. I have no problem paying a few dollars more for a job well done instead of being cheap and get quick stuff thrown together. I already work with SimPilot (since a long time), Jeffrey Kobus, Joeri etc. and I'm looking for a long term relationship for all the graphics that I need. If you are in
  4. Can you please share how you solved it because I'm stuck in the exact same situation. Thanks in advance Will
  5. Now.... That being said by Dave, the only question is: When do we start?
  6. Will get in touch with you shortly.... Thanks
  7. Get in touch with SimPilot @ www.simpilotgroup.com. Best in the business!! Cheers
  8. Popups are enabled. Result.tpl is here: http://www.mediafire.com/?zyodc9kx8bnln3c Thanks for the help.
  9. Thanks for the prompt reply but everything works (once the Util::FormatDuration is removed) besides the Print Icon and consequent Print Function.
  10. First of all thank you very much Parkho for making this very helpful addon. This is one is really nice....... Got one question for you since I'm a real beginner with php. I get everything to work, modified/added the Aircraft fuel data and in the process to integrate the template as well but I cannot get the "print" icon on the bottom of the page...... Attached is a screenshot of the work in progress. Also, how can I make the result.tpl come up in a new window? (I know it's simple but that's how bad I am.... ) Will provide backlink to your VA. Thanks again William M.
  11. Hi, We are in the process to renew and re-upload our Fleet and we need some help. We are talking about several aircrafts, anywhere from 12 to 25 at least and we are willing to contract a fixed price per repaint. Please contact me if interested at william.matteoni@gmail.com to further discuss timeframe and details. Thanks William M.
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