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3 hours ago, anderluizferreira said:




Thanks so much for your help again...

I managed to install the module, and activate...
however I am not able to find how to activate JUMPSEAT, I have already analyzed the manual several times and I have not found it.
could you help me how to activate or where to activate JUMPSEAT


Above link clearly shows how to "activate" it.


@widget('DBasic::JumpSeat', ['base' => 0.25, 'price' => 'auto', 'hubs' => true])


It is not something you will go to admin menu and click to enable/disable to use, you need to study v7 theme logic, edit files, place widgets where you want according to your theme etc.


I can not explain here the basics of html/php file editing, laravel blade and phpvms v7 theme logic. Check docs, also inspecting v7 themes may help to see how things done, I am sure phpvms discord and forum has some examples too (asked questions and given replies may include nice clues).


Good luck and God speed

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