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Automatically add active pilots to discord group


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I'm fiddling around with a test installation of phpVMS 7 and already really like it.

There is one thing I didn't find information about, no idea if this even is possible to achieve in a simple way.

It would be nice to have all active pilots from phpVMS in a group/role on our discord server. The reason: I'd like to restrict access to the ACARS reporting messages to active pilots only without having to edit that group/role all the time.

Did I miss something really obvious (which I absolutely consider being possible)?


Thanks in advance and thank you for sharing your phantastic work!





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21 minutes ago, Asimo said:

Read the database and use a bot on your discord server could track this information to apply commands to change the roles of your users.

Question for @DisposableHero: "Can the PhpVMS API retrieve information from a user? Or obtain a XML-like (or Json) of users ?"


Nice idea (custom bot at discord), even though v7's current api endpoints do not provide a "roster" or "users" output, one can always have it with a custom module/code. As an example you can check below links, they all work with api endpoints (json) 





Current v7 default api endpoints are explained here;



This may help or give some ideas ;)


Safe flights

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