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Posted 12 hours ago



I am at a loss here - I installed the script with no issues - everything is what it's suppose to be except it is not sending registration emails - also when I try to "forget password" - throws this error


I only seem to be having problems with the mail / messaging 


Thanks in advance!


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Hey Sir -  We are using GoDaddy on a VPS Gen 4 - I found the issues with the SMTP - They have is default disabled for no one to send except root, MDA, Exim.  So after tweaking these I am know able to connect and send via terminal.


I tried to reset my password andd when I submitted my email I get this error - https://flareapp.io/share/yPaObBK5#F64


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I do not think that your server setup is completed and fully compatible with v7. Visiting your subdomain returns a 401 error and asks for password. This should not be the case for a public page, you may end up getting authorization errors over and there with a non proper setup.


Better check your VPS setup and access definitions/restrictions.


Good luck

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DisposableHero... I actually have it setup like that to keep people from coming while it was being setup... I protected the directory after the installation. 


everything is absolutely perfect except the php files in the controller directory, it falls apart after the registercontroller


I sent you a message with the login if you want to take another look




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No thanks, you can simply delete or edit that private message. I did not read it, have no time to read/help either sorry.


I still think the same, restricting public access directly from server (even for keeping eyes/people away) will not work well with most of the code running behind. If you really want to keep your initial setup private then you can use a local server and upload your final settings/theme/data to your live one just before opening it.


Anyway, if configured properly mails do work fine (I am managing a VPS and using a shared hosting for my small group), better check your server and mail config (at VPS) then you can focus on phpvms env.php for mail settings (or maybe at config/mail.php, fi you need to enable disable some authorization related settings)


Good luck

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