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As our web guru seems to be taking something of a hiatus at the moment, I'm just checking what files I *need* to update to bring our version up to the current release. I'm assuming (maybe wrongly) that I don't need to do anything to the resources/views/default folder and it's just all the background stuff that needs over-writing?

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Technically what you assume is wrong, when an update is released it may contain both backend and frontend changes, another bad news for you is some backend changes do need mandatory/following frontend changes too... In theory you should NOT be editing the default template directly but have your OWN duplicate, which you can play on safely. You can check this forum for how to duplicate a theme properly and make your changes safe during updates.






`If you want to edit only select templates (also recommended), set the extends value to default. Then you only need to copy over the templates that you modify, instead of all them (this makes it easier to update phpVMS, and you also know what you've modified).`


But if you wish, you can try what you assume, it may work for one update and fail on the next. You will never be sure about that.


Good luck and God speed

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19 hours ago, KnightAviation said:

Sadly the latest version requires PHP8 and it can't be installed onto the server we use so looks like we're stuck with the older version unless you're aware of a work-around? 


As it stands, the only think that isn't working is the link to dfleet.


If you are stuck with php7.x and older versions of both phpvms and my addons, you should NOT update, that simple is the solution.


You should NOT try to match up your old phpvms with new versions of my modules, or with new versions of some core v7 files. It may look harmless to you at first and you can think that only one page/link is not working but in the background there are lots of changes which do require php8 + laravel9 + latest phpvms. So for your own mental health, you should really use the latest available versions matching your server configuration as below;


For phpVMS v7: Latest available version is phpVms 7.0.0-dev+220307.00bf18 (07.MAR.22) => php7.4 and laravel8
For Disposable addons: Version v3.0.19 is the latest one compatible with phpvms mentioned above, php7.4 and laravel8


If you need the v7 build mentioned above, please let us know, I think I have a copy saved somewhere. My addons are available via GitHub, just scroll down at releases page and find the ones you need.


And really stop following updates, 'cause there is no workaround, there is no quick fix one click solution, only way is changing your server settings (or changing your hosting service provider):) Nothing else will work.


Also, for future matters, please do always inform people you are using an old version and stuck with php7.4, skipping this critical info will cause huge amounts of wasted time for all involved :( 


Good luck and God speed, your situation is not good at the moment, hope you can find a stable solution for your install.




As an example, I am using some php8 functions in my addons, which are only available in php8 series, also some functions are changed in php8, their requirements and outputs are different compared to php7 series. Same applies to phpvms and laravel8 => laravel9 switch :( It is really not easy to figure out each of them and revert back to php7, even if someone tries to do that, it will not be possible at a point and all your time will be wasted.

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Thanks for that info.. will have a look at the older versions once we get the site working again! Thankfully I did do a backup of all the pages I've edited.

Unfortunately I didn't know that we couldn't run PHP8 myself until after I'd tried to update. This evening's task is a re-install of the previous version after which I can delve into github and find the previous version of your very useful widgets etc. Every day's a school day as they say! :) 

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The saga continues..  😁


We've managed to restore the site back to the install we did around November 2021 and everything that worked before still does with no data loss. (That's the good news.) I can't see anywhere that contains a version number other than 7.0.0-dev. I suspect it's the one prior to +220307.00bf18.

I've installed Version v3.0.19 of disposible basic as suggested but i'm still getting "500 SERVER ERROR" on some pages:



            * (/dhubs itself works fine and lists the active hubs - it's only when clicking on the ICAO url link for the particular hub that the error occurs).
            * the airport pages also work showing the metar, map, and departure/arrivals.


            * main page loads but the links to the "top airports" return the "500 SERVER ERROR".
            * the buttons under "General Statistics" to change the "pilot month" etc do nothing.

So... some thoughts on where I might have gone wrong:

  1. Given the install date/version of phpvms itself, do I perhaps need to use an even earlier version?
  2. Have I failed to do something in the setup of the module itself that's causing it to look in the wrong places?
  3. I only installed "disposable basic"... do some of the above dependencies require the extended module installed too? I have installed the files for "disposable theme" but we don't use that, I'm using a clone of "default" as you previously advised. (as a side note, when I did try to switch to your theme I got the "something went terribly wrong" page... perhaps that might be useful information with regards the other bits?)
  4. I doubt this bit is relevant but the health check in the admin module shows:
        * 343 Pireps associated with MISSING aircraft  <-- fairly sure this is because we wiped the fleet and started again 
        * 2275 Acars data entries associated with MISSING pireps  <-- no idea on that one!


Thanks again for your time and patience!

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Technically we need to see the logs, as written several times (here at this forum and a million times at Discord) "500 : SERVER ERROR" really does not help... It only tells us that you have a problem :) Nothing more to identify and help.


Some static info first;


1. Dispo Addons do not require any other Dispo addon to work, you can have dispo theme, or dispo basic, or dispo special alone or use dispo basic/special with a default theme (or your own theme). You need to read the main requirements about my addons, some buttons (and visual features) will not work with a cloned default theme due to Bootstrap changes (I am using v5, default theme uses v4)


2. Pireps associated with Missing Aircraft > This is important and may cause issues, can be solved with some tricks during usage (with additional failsafe code if we miss any, not advised to have lots but can be solved by the VA)


3. Acars data entries associated with Missing Pireps > Nothing important, just wasted database space (and this info is at the top of the same page you are checking)


4. Without knowing the exact version of your core phpvms v7, I can not even speculate. As I wrote above, if you need that specific latest version just let us know (so we can upload it to somewhere you can download and use) Most probably your version is not matching what module needs (or designed for). Check admin side, try clicking on the version number, it should show something like this :



Don't get this wrong, we are here to help but repeating ourselves is not nice and makes us stop helping others and look the other way :) So please provide logs with error details as explained here https://docs.phpvms.net/help


Good luck ;) 

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Upload and use this version, keep the file somewhere safe along with my v3.0.19 addons 


Once you upload, please clean your cache (follow docs for manual deletion of cache if necessary) then visit yoursite.com/update to trigger any migrations etc.


Then if you encounter errors please do provide logs ;)


Good luck and God speed

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