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Ground Handling Fee


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Exclude rows with 0 (zero) expense or income (for GH Cost, it will be expense, debit) while you are in the foreach loop.


As this is mostly a "theming" issue, you can check below example from my theme and apply the change in your duplicate (or your own) theme.




@foreach($pirep->transactions->where('journal_id', $pirep->airline->journal->id) as $entry)
  @if($entry->credit == 0 && $entry->debit == 0) @continue @endif
    <td class="text-start">{{ $entry->memo }}</td>
    <td>@if($entry->credit){{ money($entry->credit, $units['currency']) }}@endif</td>
    <td>@if($entry->debit){{ money($entry->debit, $units['currency']) }}@endif</td>




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My pleasure :)


I was a developer, many years ago (while I was a teenager and a youngster around my twenties).That "basic" knowledge comes from those nice years, rest is 2+ years experience with v7 and some refreshed skills for v7 addon/theme development (I needed them, no one was around, so I started developing again), nothing more ;) 


Enjoy v7

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