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Problem with my fleet


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Hello, first of all I apologise for my translated English, I will try to explain myself as best I can. I have a problem with my fleet reservation system, here is an example.

I have a LEMD-LEST route associated to an a320 with EC-VAG registration, when I go to book the flight I will see the a320 type aircraft in my location(LEMD).Captura.thumb.PNG.cd03164976518029a2fa85799f6b97f9.PNG

The EC-VAG is at another airport.

I book the EC-VAA for example, and on the fleet page this aircraft appears as booked and the EC-VAG appears as available.


But once I have finished the flight, the aircraft that has really changed its location is the EC-VAG, the EC-VAA remains in the location it was in.

Is there any way to associate aircraft of the same type (a320) to a route and that is not associated exclusively to a specific aircraft (EC-VAG)?


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