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Listener not working


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I'm tryng to create a new expense listener for hard landing events, by adding a new file at /app/Listeners, but it's not working.

I have this Laravel error:



production.ERROR: Class "App\Listeners\Expense" not found {"userId":1,"exception":"[object] (Error(code: 0): Class \"App\\Listeners\\Expense\" not found at /home/flyeircm/crew.flyeag.com/app/Listeners/ExpenseTouchdown.php:27)


This is the code I'm using:




namespace App\Listeners;

use App\Contracts\Listener;
use App\Events\Expenses;

class ExpenseTouchdown extends Listener
    public function handle(Expenses $event)
        $expenses = [];
        $amount = 250;
        // Do your check here, return an empty array if it is ok/below your check limit (no expense needed)
         if (abs($event->pirep->landing_rate) < 500) { 
          return $expenses;
        // You can even increase the punishment here by getting a ratio
        // So the harder they land, the higher the punishment
        $amount = round($amount * (abs($event->pirep->landing_rate) / 500));

        // Prepare a New Expense here
        $expenses[] = new Expense([
            'type'              => ExpenseType::FLIGHT, // This must be FLIGHT for a pirep related pilot charged expense
            'amount'            => $amount, // No need to add two more digitis, 150 is 150$ or 150Eur etc.
            'transaction_group' => 'Hard Landing', // This is the group name, visible at financial report
            'name'              => 'Hard Landing Fee For Pirep='.$event->pirep->id, // Name is visible like a memo
            'multiplier'        => false, // or true (to use Subfleet GH Multiplier)
            'charge_to_user'    => true, // true to charge pilot, false to charge company
        // If you wish you can create another expense here like the one above...

        // And finally return all new expenses you prepared
        return $expenses;


I believe the code is right, I adapted from an example at the forum. I cleaned the cache. The filename and the inner class name declaration are matching.

Anyone can help me to find where the problem might be?



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I checked my own custom expenses (provided by my module), it is slightly different from the example



namespace Modules\DisposableSpecial\Listeners;

use App\Events\Expenses;
use App\Models\Enums\ExpenseType;
use App\Models\Expense; // You can try this too


If "App\Listeners\Expense" fails, try "App\Models\Expense" and see what happens.


Good luck

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