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Email stopped working when posting news item


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Hey all, my phpvms (latest Dev version on PHP 8.2)) has stopped emailing when I create a NEWS ITEM. It sent out the first one, but not since on the next 2 I wrote up.  Email still going out when people register. Is there a log to review?

Is the a way to mass email members beside news items?



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Is email set up correctly in your .env file?


In admin, settings - scroll down near the bottom and verify the 4 boxes related to emails are checked.


If that doesn't work, create a new dummy account (non-admin account). Be sure to opt-in on all non-administrative emails. Send a new news item from the admin side and see if it shows up in the dummy account.


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4 hours ago, ProAvia said:

Is email set up correctly in your .env file?


Well, I wrote up something elsewhere about my findings.  I was on PHP8.1 when it first worked a few days back. Then I switched to PHP8.2  I didnt correlate the email issue to the change in PHP versions.  Switched back to PHP8.1 and emails all came out that hadn't come out before. Large queue was relieved.


So then I dug deeper and saw some PDO error in the laravel log file un php8.2 but under php8.1 logs were virtuall absent of data, and no issues.


So something up with PHP8.2, at least with my provider.  The PDO error is interesting as that is the db driver to link php to mysql. Obviously since it failed, couldn't read the database. However, not sure how the site ran, unless they use a different funtion on certain housecleaning chores for emailing things out and mysqli for regular db calls.


Just guessing.  It will be a problem if/when laravel and phpvms only supports 8.2 and later.




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Maybe copy/paste the other post to discord.
I think others may be using 8.2 as well - but haven't reported any issues.

Do a clean install on a new subdomain under php 8.2

Only add two users - admin and a dummy account for testing purposes.

See if the issue is still there.


There was a new build released today - see the v7-releases channel.
It doesn't address your issue though - but good to use latest anyway.

And good practice updating your live site as well as a clean install on a new subdomain.


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