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VMSHOST.IO is not responding


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3 minutes ago, LesJar said:

I tried in terminal   ping vmshost.io and it just keeps timing out ?

I also tried ping virtualairhygge.com and got timing out again yet ping phpvms.net returns ok from ping.

I cannot raise a ticket with vmshost.io since I cannot access them so hopefully Nabeel can see this message and help sort things out


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It seems that something got stuck in my internet service provider as I could access other websites.

I was updating using secure ftp last night and we had a power-cut. so most likely the server had packets of data that could not be resolved,

I rebooted my router and everything was alright for five minutes and then the problem happened again.

Rebooted again and waited for a few minutes and retried the ftp and it worked and the access to the website has been perfect.

It was such a pain to be able to get to most websites but not the ones I wanted to use.

Never mind all is ok and I have a reference should this happen again on what to do.

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Probably you got blacklisted by their security measures, instead of creating a post here I would kindly advise using Discord and sending a direct message to Nabeel


Or as another quick solution, you can use another connection (like your gsm 4g/5g line) to create a ticket from vmshost.io itself, 'cause probably the site/servers was running fine. (And you will be surprised seeing that you reached it via your phone)


When sending the ticket or message, do not forget to include your routers external ip, so they can check their systems for any blocks.


Good luck next time ;)


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