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Cargo Flights

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Don't you have a specific fare applied for that fleet according to their cargo space (by weight), adjust the prices accordingly.


Or develop something automatic, which will increase the price by range for example, you can overrule fare and or subfleet level definitions at flight level too.



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As an example, I have my own custom code for fare prices... I do define a base price and then alter it automatically according to distance (and of course flight type, aircraft configuration like business - first class options). This way I do not have to define flight specific fares or fleet specific adjustments, it is a solution too.


You can do something similar for your cargo flights (or all flights) then there will be no need to worry about stuff anymore.


If you are using Disposable Special, you can inspect the code I created for automated fare price calculation. If not I shared the basics at phpvms Discord or phpvms v7 GitHub repository. You can check those old messages :)


Good luck

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