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  1. FSVKenny

    Charter Flight System v1.1.0 (UPDATED!)

    Hello. Will this work in V5 of phphVMS? My V5 does not have any TPL files. Thank you.
  2. FSVKenny

    Logging Flights

    First thank you for the replay. My question concerns V5. My group does a lot of group flights on the weelends, flight that are not always a sanctioned VA flight.
  3. FSVKenny

    Logging Flights

    Hello. Have a question about logging flight that are not scheduled flights, such a hosted group flight. Can a pirep be filed that's not a scheduled flight? Thank you
  4. FSVKenny

    Updating reCAPTCHA

    On second thought, I'm just going to let that old site go. Thanks anyways.
  5. FSVKenny

    Updating reCAPTCHA

    Hello Again. About two years ago I had a phpVMS site. When my web provider updated the php the site stopped working. After getting my new v5 phpVMS site working I tried uploading v2 phpVMS and reconnecting it to the old phpVMS database. It worked and my old phpVMS site is backup jut like I left it, which I'm quite happy about. ­čśâ Now the only thing left is to do is update the reCAPTCHA. I followed these instructions https://github.com/nabeelio/phpvms_v2/pull/138/commits/b8d46bbf25195de9d454cb0ca9ed9175631d752a as best as I could understand them. The new reCAPTCHA is showing up, but when trying to register this is what happens "Fatal error: Class 'ReCaptcha\ReCaptcha' not found in /home/vintagea/public_html/American/core/modules/Registration/Registration.php on line 168 Fatal error: Class 'ReCaptcha\ReCaptcha' not found in /home/vintagea/public_html/American/core/modules/Registration/Registration.php on line 168 " Thank you for your help, FSVKenny.
  6. FSVKenny

    Airport Expenses

    Thanks Eddie!
  7. FSVKenny

    Airport Expenses

    Thanks for the input.
  8. FSVKenny

    Airport Expenses

    Hello, Joust a quick question please. Does anyone here have a guide for setting up the expenses? Like Gate prices, aircraft maintenance etc...
  9. FSVKenny

    Google Maps Conversion

    I was looking at this map and for my limited skills, putting it all together look a bit daunting.
  10. FSVKenny

    Google map API

    Thanks for the reply. I was looking at that post earlier.
  11. FSVKenny

    Google map API

    Hello again, With a lot of help from Alaska Flyer, my new phpVMS site is coming together nicely. Now I need to get the google map working. As I understand I need an API key, so I went to Google and got an API key, so the question now don't I have to paste the key in one of the phpvms pages? Again thank for all the help, Kenny.
  12. FSVKenny

    ERROR for site owner: Invalid domain for site key

    Problem solved. the allow_url_fopen on the web provider side needed to be enabled. Thanks for all the help.
  13. FSVKenny

    ERROR for site owner: Invalid domain for site key

    Where would I find the Server php.ini file?
  14. FSVKenny

    ERROR for site owner: Invalid domain for site key

    I tried changing the $rec´╗┐aptch´╗┐a ´╗┐´╗┐= new´╗┐ line, but it just crashes the site. Here's the phpVMS Versionsimpilot 5.5.2 and Registration´╗┐.php
  15. FSVKenny

    ERROR for site owner: Invalid domain for site key

    Thank you for the help, I'll let you know ASAP.