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Importing .csv doesn't capture registration field into subfleets


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Php Version 7.0.0-dev+240407.8554a3

.csv files via VASchedules

Database versions - MySQL




I am having an issue with importing registrations via a .csv file. When I import the first picture bought from VASchedules into the fleet category I do not get my aircraft listed. (aircraft in subfleet menu is 0). I believe it is because it is missing the registration column.




Therefore, I added a registration column and got the data from the downloaded phpsVMS3 .csv that also comes with VA Schedules. I copied and pasted this data as per the second picture hoping that it would then import them into the subfleets however no success. I have spoken to someone else, and it works on their end but maybe an earlier version of phpVMS7.




I can make a filtered version for each aircraft category, go into manage aircraft and import the registrations in there but is a lot of work for each aircraft type. 


Have I added the column in the wrong place, is it now a different type of field I am not aware of, or does the latest version not cater for this data anymore?


Any help would be appreciated. 







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Looks like you are mixing aircraft with subfleet, they are different and their csv import formats are different.


Aircraft.csv example for a subfleet (type code B773-STW)




Subfleet.csv example for this subfleet


STW,LTAI,B773-STW,,"Boeing B777-300",1,2560,,125,Y?capacity=550;CGO?capacity=21500,


If the 3rd party developer does not provide an aircraft.csv you should generate one for yourself or request support from them to provide some data.


Good luck

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