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Building a PHP Website...some questions

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I am building a website at the moment for my virtual airline. It will be all done in PHP but I need to be pointed in the right direction.

1. What is the best 'framework' to build my site on (e.g Codon, CakePHP etc.)

2. Can I pull data from multiple phpVMS databases and display them on a single page?

3. Can I insert data into multiple phpVMS databases?

You may say, why not just use phpVMS? Here is how my CEO wants it...

- 'Australian Frontier' has three divisions: Pacific Frontier, Australian Frontier, Australian-Pacific Cargo all going to be separate sites (with the seperate sites powered by phpVMS).

- There will be a main site which shows the user about the different VAs, stats for all three etc. and where the user can register to all 3 sites.

Thanks in advance

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If you're just aggregating from three different databases, then I'd just use raw PHP to do it. Cake and other frameworks would be overkill.

If you need something just to organize, you can use a library like flourish (which I'm starting to use now a bit)

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