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Creating and Running a Local Server


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When developing on the PHPVMS system or  just skinning for it, it becomes quite the workload to constantly throw and pull files from your live server using an FTP client just to test something. So instead of constantly using your live server, why not run a local server that only you can view and you don't have the hassle of uploading and downloading files.

What do I need?

Apache- Apache is an open source server technology project

PHP- Is the language that most of PHPVMS is wrote with and must be plugged into Apache.

MySQL- Is the database software that PHPVMS uses, like php it must be plugged into Apache

I recommend that you use Xampp a freeware bundle that includes all of the above and a control panel for easy start up and administering.


There is also another one like Xampp out there called Wamp which can be found here-


Getting Started-

First download and install the latest stable build, and restart your computer(Its wise to follow the documentation if you have any problems). Then open the manager and start all of the services(Apache,MySQL etc.) and direct your preferred browser to http://localhost/ and you can now view web files that consist of PHP and MySQL on your local machine.

Working with it-

Storing and Viewing Files:

Now when using Xampp the default directory it install into is your C: drive. Locate the folder named Xammp and work your way to the htdocs folder located inside, this is where all of your web documents must be stored in order for them to be viewed on your machines server.

Working with the MySQL database:

In order to manage your Databases,Users and privileges you must direct your browser to http://localhost/phpmyadmin in order to view the MySQL manager.

Now you can configure your server any way you like aswell as plugin other languages into your server(Perl, Python etc.). So have fun and happy landings...

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Also guys a found a new interesting local server application that runs a little bit better than xampp. After doing some research on local servers I found Vertrigo! Easy to configure, setup and to work around.

Its obtainable here-


Follow the included documentation and apply the same ideas form above.

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