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Popup news error

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Anyone know what I have done wrong? lol


This is lines 214-229 in the MainController.class.php

	/* Don't call self::Run() - parameters could change. They have to stay the same
		due to the fact that outside modules, etc will still use Run(), so it has
		to stay the same */

	$ret = call_user_func_array(array($$ModuleName, $call_function), CodonRewrite::$params);

	/* Set the title, based on what the module has, if it's blank,
		then just set it to the module name */
	self::$page_title = $$ModuleName->title;
	if(strlen(self::$page_title) === 0)
		self::$page_title = ucwords(strtolower($ModuleName));

	return true;	

Kind regards,


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