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Using FS Flight Keeper

  • Setting up the Pilot

    • Download the configuration file from your VA
    • Place the configuration file (called “VA-Template.txt” in Documents/FS Flight Keeper
    • Click “Pilots”, then “Edit Pilot”
      • Under airline, enter your code
      • For Pilot ID, enter your entire Pilot ID (“VMA0001”)
      • Under Live ACARS, Email, Web, and Email select ”# None #”
      • For “Flight” Select “Flight-Navigation-WeatherMap-TaxiPath-Profile.html”
      • For Virtual Airline Settings, select “VA-Template.txt”

    Logging Flights

    • Load your flight plan in FS
    • Click “New Flight”, then “Connect to FS” (or hit F5)
    • Make sure the Origin Airport, Destination Airport, passenger count, and cargo count are all filled out
    • Replace the following
      • Flight number with the CODE + FLIGHT NUMBER you're flying (ie - VMS1122)
      • Aircraft Tail # - the aircraft registration (important!)

    • Then click “Connect with Live ACARS server” (or hit F11)

    PDF Guide

    By Eddie Baker (@flyalaska)


    Sending PIREP

    After you complete your flight, put the parking brakes on, and shut the engines off. Make sure the data is OK, then click the “Send PIREP” button - it will then send it to your VA.

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