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  1. hello my name is filippo and I need info

  2. volkerjacob

    Installer Feedback

    only put the whole archive content into a folder without any modification?
  3. volkerjacob

    Installer Feedback

    Hello Gent's - can`t find that at latest build - using shared hosting ......
  4. volkerjacob

    Prevent script use at registration form

    may i need to allow only needed characters at registration form
  5. volkerjacob

    Prevent script use at registration form

    IP at BlackList now!
  6. volkerjacob

    Prevent script use at registration form

    Yes - it#s working fine . . . .
  7. volkerjacob

    Prevent script use at registration form

    www.vonewa.org/vAMS - captcha is in use . . . .
  8. Hello Gent's today our site has a hick-up because of some weird registrations. Looks like that a script at registrations forms used to enable some pop-ups. I found only that at my sql pilot's table: looks like that no other files were affected. I disabled registration for the moment until a solution is found. - Any ideas? Sorry for bad english . . . Volker
  9. volkerjacob


    downloaded - look good now THX!
  10. volkerjacob


    Hello, i try this module, but i get the following output on my website : Fatal error: Call to undefined method PopUpNews::get_news_list() in /home/VACG/core/modules/PopUpNews/PopUpNews.php on line 24
  11. volkerjacob

    Display amount of users on Teamspeak

    This Viewer is a good choice : http://tsstatus.sebastien.me/ - you can adapt it to your own skin - example: http://ts.vacg.org !
  12. volkerjacob

    [SOLVED] Database Limit?

    found Maximum memory allocation = 128M in php.ini - set up to 256M and now it works!
  13. volkerjacob

    [SOLVED] Database Limit?

    OK - i find out, that only schedules/view and schedules/showSchedules dont work - all other schedule functions are operational - if i try schedules/findFlight - i got my complete schedule list
  14. volkerjacob

    [SOLVED] Database Limit?

    hm... - i will check that - at the moment i can say the serverload ist under 5% if i do a databaserequest! EDIT: i cant see any serverload, if i try to see the schedules page - page will be blank!
  15. volkerjacob

    [SOLVED] Database Limit?

    Hello, since i have import a complete airportdatabase i can not see schedules in pilot center. I can see and edit the schedules in admin center! Thank´s