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  1. Thanks mate! Has taught me quite a lot about the admin functions, as i've had to write a fair few delete functions to remove information etc. Been a great project
  2. It most definitely can be styled up! I've been working on this recently for a release when my site update rolls out. Just bootstrap and fontawesome really that makes it what it is. Unfortunately it won't be distributed among the community but it's more to show what can be done The biggest reason for me to update the admin console, was to make it responsive and easy to interact with on an iPad. So stuff can get done when my staff, or myself are out and about so we can keep on top of everything
  3. Very nice system Simpilot, looks like something I'll add to my site in the near future too!
  4. Yes they were linking to your .htaccess for some reason in one of their scripts, would'nt have a clue why, but im glad they failed in their hacking attempt.
  5. Thanks Guys, I found these files on my site this morning, same group. For some reason they were linking to your .htaccess file Rob. They didn't succeed in hacking our site though.
  6. I remember when i first ventured into this wonderful world of web design i managed to get kacars running on 000.webhost.com As others have stated i wouldn't get caught up in free hosting, but if its just to get you head around the concepts of setting up and managing a website, try the host above They are pretty dodgy and unreliable but they offer enough free features to get you started.
  7. G'day Guys, I've been fidding around with METAR information, and have managed to get a working script of the VATSIM metar information. Best part about it is that there is NO iframes! Here is a quick shot to show you what it looks like For Departure Airport: <?php $metar = $_POST['metar']; $url = 'http://metar.vatsim.net/'.$schedule->depicao.''; $page = file_get_contents($url); echo $page; ?> For Arrival Airport: <?php $metar = $_POST['metar']; $url = 'http://metar.vatsim.net/'.$schedule->arricao.''; $page = file_get_contents($url); echo $page; ?> Hopefully you guys find this valuable
  8. Beautiful site mate! I also really like your sig image too!
  9. No i see the same as you haha, avsim image
  10. Tylor Eddy

    Skin Update

    Looks great mate !!
  11. Looking good so far, from what you've done so far and being new to web development you should be proud of your work at this point, just keep in mind that people's taste differentiates from person to person. So don't expect to be able to please everyone Here is my tip: I wouldn't open the site until you have everything setup the way you want it, this is the most common mistake i see a lot of people do when they setup virtual airlines (myself included) because when you have a community established and go to make changes you disrupt operations and people get mad etc. And also having a half constructed site looks unprofessional. Its best to get it setup and be able to show what you can offer rather that what you intend to offer in the future, you'll be more appealing and also you'll have a test bed that even if you make a mistake adjusting the code you wont have a bunch of people down your throat as to why its not working... or setup a development site to test features before you add them to the site. Will assist with smooth operations
  12. Nevermind, misread what you were after haha
  13. We also don't allow manual PIREP submission at Qantas Virtual, all our flights must be logged with our tracking client, or flown and recorded online with IPS. This is purely because it is a way pilots can cheat our system and alter their logs when they attach it to the comments.
  14. Unfortunately its something that nobody can get resources for in order to update the navdata for the website. I've been looking too but no such luck
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