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  1. Sorry guys, made a stupid mistake. Updates posted.
  2. Thanks! I'm open to any suggestions as well, so if something can be done differently/better, I'm all ears!
  3. Hey everyone, new build today:Download Pagehttp://www.phpvms.net/docs/downloadsChangeset/Fixed tickets:http://phpvms.devjavu.com/changeset/258http://phpvms.devjavu.com/changeset/257http://phpvms.devjavu.com/changeset/256Changes: Update notification - shows in admin panel when an update is available (field update in Settings). In order for update notification to work, you must allow http access for file handlers. Otherwise, it will not work. Add comments to PIREP (from Admin Panel), sends email to submitter with the comment, and link back to view the comment. Submitter can then reply to any inquiry, and then the report can be accepted/rejected based on that. Show comments in 'View Report' page Show unaccepted reports in admin panel (new entry in navigation) New crystal theme, with sidebar instead of top navigation (default admin theme) Added Google Maps API key into settings for future (in table SQL) Custom Fields have "title" field, which shows, which is converted into the formal name Required alteration in table Name capitalization on Registration Template HTML cleaned up Wording fixes Core bug fixes Templates were showing incorrectly in installer Clean install please, since there are a few table changes.The accept/reject PIREPs should be hopefully in the next build.Leave feedback,Thanks!
  4. Yeah, it is:http://www.phpvms.net/docs/skinningI'd copy the existing crytal one into a new folder, and work out of that. Basically, just edit the header/footer.tpl to match. Just keep the elements that are required in there, and you should be set Oh, and then in the admin panel, in the settings, just select the skin to use. This only affects the front-end, not the admin panel.I'm fixing a bug in the "Editing Templates" where you place the modified template in your skin folder, that should be avail in the next build. I wouldn't do that just yet until most of the code is finalized though.
  5. You can post these issues directly as a new ticket.http://phpvms.devjavu.com/ticket/55On that page, just post your screen res.. thanks!
  6. On your own profile?Add a custom field, from the admin panel, and then go edit it.Let me know if that error is still triggered.But I'll have that fixed in next build.Ticket page:http://phpvms.devjavu.com/ticket/54
  7. Cool. Don't disable it completelely, instead set it as E_ALL ^ E_NOTICEThat way, errored pages won't shut up blank, but will show an actual error. You might also want to set display_errors to off, for any other sites.
  8. Nabeel


    Ticket Made:http://phpvms.devjavu.com/ticket/53
  9. Nabeel


    I don't have language strings defined. But, you can:Copy the files in core/templates, to your skins folder, and then do the translations. Those will be retained in your skin. But in this alpha stage and then later updates, those could be modified by me.There are also template files in admin/templates which would need translation, but those can't be moved from that location. I wouldn't modify those, because my later builds/releases can over-write those.When you create pages, since you write those, it's in whatever language. Same for language in the header/footer templates in whatever skin you use.If you want to be able to "formally" translate files, which would be friendly towards upgrades/updates, I can accommodate that in a later build. Let me know, I think accommodating it this way will be better, as it'll be future-proof.
  10. Hey,Those are just notices, not warnings or errors. It's most likely because in your php.ini, you have display_errors set to on, and error reporting to E_ALL. Usually, on production servers, display_errors is set to off, your server just seems to have it on, with the error_reporting level turned all the way up.In your site_config.inc.php, you can put:error_reporting(E_ALL ^ E_NOTICE);orini_set('error_reporting', E_ALL ^ E_NOTICE);That will shut off the E_NOTICE errors.. The first one is what I have set in the config.inc.php, but your server seems to be over-riding that. Hopefully that helps. Lemme know how that turns out.
  11. If you downloaded 253, update to this, fixed a few issues from when my svn client crashedChanges: * Pilot Reports (pilot end complete, admin end is next) * Individual PIREP page * Slow animation fadeout in JS popups * 'Add Airline' template error on popup * Pilot last login/# logins updated * Pilot details button placementMore enhancements are coming up (maps on pirep page), just a good testing of the above would be great! A few table alterations, so either a clean install, or just run:Changeset: http://phpvms.devjavu.com/changeset/253/trunk ALTER TABLE `phpvms_pireps` CHANGE `flighttime` `flighttime` VARCHAR( 6 ) NOT NULL DEFAULT '0';ALTER TABLE `phpvms_pireps` CHANGE `deptime` `depicao` VARCHAR( 4 ) NOT NULL ,CHANGE `arrtime` `arricao` VARCHAR( 4 ) NOT NULL ;ALTER TABLE `phpvms_pirepcomments` CHANGE `commenter` `pilotid` INT NOT NULL ; Change the phpvms_ part if you changed your table prefix.Just re-download and copy over the existing files. Don't forget to save your site_config, unless you're re-running the installer.Any suggestions for enhancements are welcome.
  12. Please redownload and re-install. Forgot one component.Sorry.. hopefully nailed them all this time.http://phpvms.devjavu.com/changeset/252 ... ip&new=252I've changed a few things on my end so that I can nail these things before it goes up. Good thing is that it seems like installer issues are fixed.
  13. It will work in the next build. A couple of things with the installer that need to get fixed. Sorry about that, I'll have that done in the next 15/20 min.
  14. Installer issues fixed. Sorry about that! I had forgotten to blank the site_config.inc.php. Changeset: http://phpvms.devjavu.com/changeset/251/Download just the updated files (from 250):http://phpvms.devjavu.com/changeset/251 ... ip&new=251Update:And from 251 to 252:http://phpvms.devjavu.com/changeset/252 ... ip&new=252[*]Installer issues fixed[*]Added Version/Permissions checkOr just download a fresh copyLemme know how that goes.
  15. Fixed, see the other thread.
  16. Yes, just download the zip, upload, and run the installer.Read: http://www.phpvms.net/docs/installation
  17. and the email.. what is the error?
  18. phew took forever to sign in using a mobile phonea few things:are you running php 5?whats the path to your phpvms install? seems like a php error. did you select mysql or mysqli?And what file was this in?
  19. Hey,I don't have an exact date, since it's too soon to really tell. But the alpha testing phase is nearing, so I'm projecting a final release for sometime in early summer. I'm working as fast as I can!Look out for more news though.
  20. Nabeel


    Hey there! Welcome... I'll be posting an announcement about that.
  21. You can post your feature requests here. Check out the about page (link above), those are the basic features that will be included.FSACARs and potentially FSPassengers support will also be included, as add-ons.Thanks!
  22. Nabeel


    The project wiki page is located at:http://www.phpvms.net/wiki/homeThis will be more populated as we decide on details, and other aspects of the project. This will remain as the "defacto" resource, also for people who would want to tinker with the code to customize, or for people who would be interested in writing modules (more information to come on this later).Project specs, etc, are all listed here, as they'll be used to guide us during the project.It's left as "read-only" for general users.Unfortunately, phpBB doesn't have an RSS function, so we encourage you to also sign up on the mailing list. We will use it to post new announcements, though they'll also be cross posted here.We'll have a more functional main page coming up also, as a "blog" format, which hopefully will also have RSS functionality.We will have a test/demo site available eventually, as we get closer to a usable state.Thanks allNabeel
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