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  1. Well, it encrypts in the login module, so, if you take the input, before it is SHA'd, store it in a PHP variable, then make a script that fills in the kACARS config with that, then it could be done
  2. Hi Aaron, I sent you an email regarding this. Hope to hear back. Dave
  3. Thanks. I'll try it out, and let you know
  4. Tom, That's what I was looking into. Thought I would need a while loop. I'll try it out and see. Thanks
  5. Hello, I'm trying to make it so that random ID's are assigned to pilots, and not in sequential order. Is there a possibility to this? I've done it for other CMS's but I don't know if the MySQL wont like the randomness. Thanks for your help Dave
  6. It's a graphics library. Your host would need to install that. Almost all paid hosts have it installed, including mine, Simpilot's, and fivedev's
  7. Nice clean site. Clean and minimalistic is the way to go these days.
  8. You use Artiseer? Gotta learn the real HTML code, looks much better if you handcode everything yourself. Not gonna get involved in the copying thing. Although I don't like it when people copy
  9. Thanks. the lightbox was giving me problems on install though. Plus, it fits the login and register pages well. Thanks. You should come and join once I finish this site. Gonna have some cool new features. I like your idea. I'll test it out, and see what works well
  10. Thanks My other question. For the Login dialog, how would I be able to close out of the lightbox, and refresh to the pilot center after logging in?
  11. Hi guys and gals, I recently made a new site design, http://vupscargo.com/newsite, and was looking on your opinions. I want to add a flightboard and such, but it might be too cluttered in my opinion Regards, David
  12. Of course its the same. No one posts 5 minutes after the first post that you've been with them for a year.
  13. Not sure about this, but you can call yourself, "Your cPanel Hosting" without getting cPanel mad at you using their name?
  14. I know what you mean. I have my own hosting company. But with domains being around 9 bucks, and Scott giving 2 away, there goes 20 bucks. Plus the servers he has to pay for, it may add up. Also, most things you sell for free won't really convince you to go upgrade if you're doing fine.
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