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  1. Hosting is with vmshost? If so, they presently support all versions of PHP required for any version of phpVMS.


    phpVMS v7 will be supported for some time to come. Previously versions will still work, but no further development will take place by the original developer. At some point, previous versions may experience issues and/or stop working due to advances in versions of PHP and MySQL/MariaDB.


    If you are starting with phpVMS from scratch, my personally opinion is to start with V7. Coming from another platform will present challenges as the data available won't be the same.

  2. 5 hours ago, Dougjuk said:

    Thanks for that bit of information, that is helpful.  Its just difficult making a decision when you don't know the facts, do we go back and build around the older version or push on with v7.  We are seeing a few bugs at the moment but in the main it seems to run fine.


    Many thanks



    Do realize the v7 is still in beta testing. The main features are pretty much set, but it still needs some tweaking as bugs show up. Read the docs - especially the conversion process from previous version to v7. 


    Another determination is what versions of PHP and MySQL/MariaDB are available through your chosen host. And how long those will be available. See the following link for previous version requirements:


  3. Do you have a backup of the database from before you deleted the ranks?


    While I don't think it should make any difference, change back to the default skin and see what that does. Unfortunately, I have never had any luck with the ela skin.


    If none of that works, install a new virgin phpVMS 5.5.2 in another folder with a new database, then test it to see if itworks correctly.

  4. 2 hours ago, Dyl1103 said:

    Just curious, is there an easy way to not use the pilots last location, but instead add a search option for a departure airport?


    Not with this module. If you want to search for a departure airport, use the normal search. The point of a random itinerary is to depart from your last arrival point until you complete the itinerary.

  5. When the developer asks if you have the latest build, that usually means that he is suggesting you will require the latest build. If you visit the discord server... v7, development... you will see the latest build link, along with the build number. That is the best place to find the latest build. 


    Up to you to compare your build number to the latest on the discord server. 

  6. Save a copy of popupnews_list.php first, then



    $hashtag_string = str_replace(['!', '\\', '/', '*', ' '], '',$item->subject);  // Line 17 in the file



    $hashtag_string = str_replace('['!', '\\', '/', '*', ' ']', '',$item->subject);  // Line 17 in the file



    $hashtag_string = str_replace(('!', '\\', '/', '*', ' '), '',$item->subject);  // Line 17 in the file


    And see if that resolves it or not. I don't use that skin and my popupnews_list file is slightly different. Maybe @LeonardIGO4036 has a fix.

  7. First - NEVER change anything in app.config.php. All changes/additions are to be done in local.config.php. The local.config file takes presidence over app.config. Reset your app.config to default and make changes/additions in local.config only.


    1 - Maybe look in your hosting cPanel for options to monitor memory resources. phpVMS is pretty efficient though. 

    2 - Entries in the sessions table will rotate in/out. Nothing much to worry about there.

  8. 5 hours ago, jordanf93 said:


    The hosting and installation was done by TFDi design. They set it all up for me last week. Should I go and speak with them regarding what you mentioned above?


    Yes - ask them to set you up on PHP 7.0 thru 7.2. And verify that the MySQL on your site is 5.7. I know of other TFDI users who are on PHP 5.6 or 7.2.

  9. 1 hour ago, Nicholas said:

    It’s free hosting. A number of VAs I know that use this host managed to use this skin perfectly fine. 

    How should I fix the fltbook module not installing correctly?




    You will eventually run into issues with free hosting - just letting you know ahead of time. And we can't provide reasonable support when someone is using a free host - there are just too many things that can go wrong.


    You need to find and download the fltbook module and check it against what you have installed. Something is wrong with your present install. Be sure you have error reporting on and that there is an error_log file in the root of phpVMS and the phpVMS admin folder as well. Check these error_log files for errors.


  10. 41 minutes ago, Nicholas said:

    Hello, I’ve been getting this error on a number of pages of my crew Center.


    Fatal error: Class 'FltbookData' not found in /home/vol11_1/epizy.com/epiz_25796808/htdocs/lib/skins/StislaSkin/schedule_bids.php on line 31


    do you have any fix for this? Thank you.


    Is epizy.com free or paid hosting?


    It looks like Fltbook module isn't installed correctly. But if you are using free hosting, you will have problems regardless.

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