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  1. That looks awesome! I wish I had a better understanding of the API and DB functions, I'd be more than happy to help out.. Unfortunately I suck at coding.
  2. Well, stop being a downright arse then and POLITELY communicate with people! This has turned more into a chat than a forum thread, if you have more thoughts or pointers, PM me. This entire thread can be deleted imo since it serves no purpose to the community. I have no intention of closing my VA down, it has been up and active for about a month already, and I love working with it. A name-change MIGHT come up, in the future, if I am asked to do so by the real Ryanair for example. There is already a fully completed phpVMS template ready for that, kept in sync with updates on the current site. Domain name etc, too. Trust me when I say this, I have no interest in arguing about this with anyone, what I choose to do in my free time (the little I have, juggling between being social with my wife, working on the VA, my dayjob and building my 737sim) is none of your concern. Period. Regards, Joakim / Paul
  3. Let me ask you a friendly question: Are you always this hostile against people who have done absolutely nothing to offend you? I mean seriously, come on.. Have I accidentially slapped you across the face or something like that? I have not touched the linkback/powerd by phpvms, I will investigate why that's disappeared. I have probably div'd it out by accident. It needs to be there, because no, I have not paid the fee so I can remove it. This will be my last post in this thread, and on these forums if your attitude is commonplace around here.
  4. Well, not exactly. The header image is from myself, so I am not in any violation towards simmiles. Edit: TX has not been full of talk towards me and my VA, he has not given me any empty promises whatsoever. What he does on forums that are not directly related to Ryrva is his own decision, as well as theconsequences of his actions.
  5. That is correct. And TCX0001 hasn't done anything wrong within our VA, quite the opposite in fact. As long as that continues I see no reason for change. Also, I hope I haven't offended anyone by starting Ryrva, if so I apologize. I just like the challenge that a lowbudget VA brings. However if I receive a mass amount of negative feedback about it, well.. might bring up my sideproject instead (another VA that I started long before Ryrva). Time will tell! All the best, Joakim / Paul
  6. Hiya, I'm the CEO of RYRVA, as well as Ryanairvirtual. And yes, my real name is Joakim TÃ¥ngfeldt, my online name is Paul Defaire (long story). Ryanairvirtual was my first attempt at the VA, using the simmiles platform, but I quickly decided to dump it because of lack of control. That is why I moved over to phpVMS, and changed name to Ryrva (simmiles wont even let you control the domainname, or website for that matter). My staff has so far been doing a GREAT job, so for me no trouble has been caused. Regards, Joakim / Paul EDIT: To clarify even further, 'TCX0001' was NOT in ANY way involved in the start of this VA. It has been entirely my own endeavour so far.
  7. Only echo it? But.. where do I put the SQL query code etc ?
  8. Could you share the code for doing that? o.O I've almost given up >_<
  9. So, has anyone done any work on this? I am trying to figure out how to add a get_aircraft_health to fetch a field from the Db.. added 'health' under phpvms_aircraft, but it just won't work. Not sure in what class/module-thingie I should put the db-query code in either, or how to call it! If I get this solved, I could finally make some advancements on this..
  10. Yeah I did add it manually, but it's just a bit of a bummer now that I'm about to add a bunch of destination airports as well.. >_<
  11. Hey everyone, I just logged in to my admin panel to add a new hub, filled in the icao (eggp) and clicked lookup, but nothing is happening. It just says "Fetching airport data.." - Is the lookup service down (wherever that is)? Our website is hosted by fivedev, so it's not a local server issue either..
  12. I just bought and installed this module (have to say the install is spot on, I would love to see more addon developers using a similar system!), and I love it! Absolutely perfect, does what it's supposed to with minimal fuss. Thanks simpilot!
  13. Hm, this doesn't work.. Or atleast twitter doesn't give me a 200 return (HTTP OK). Any updates on this?
  14. Hm, necroposting I know.. But what happened to concept of individual aircraft stats and maintenance etc?
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