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  1. I am looking for a fellow PHP coder who can help me design a basic system that allows me to input data and send it to the payment processing server. There is full documentation on the API as well as pre-written PHP code to guide you through it. I know this has nothing to do with VA's, but I would really like to support my old community, so if I can give any of you this work, please PM for extra details and a possible quote you have in mind. Thanks! Happy New Years Everyone -edmundk **UPDATE: I have found a developer. Thank you to this whole community, I hope I can
  2. Im guessing he didn't get any customers?
  3. I like those pictures , well done!
  4. You can add them as links, instead of over-sized images.
  5. I actually like this site a lot, i think it was made very nice! Props to manual, he always does great work. One thing i would remove are the phpVMS & Integrated PIREP's logo's, i don't think they look very good on the footer, but thats just me & my pickyness.
  6. Really people? If you going to ask for help or post about your Virtual Airline and not include a link what good does that do? Seriously... Please include links when you post. PS. Not sure if this is the place to post this. Thanks, Edmundk
  7. What did he steal? Im not seeing it? Edit: I assume you mean the navigation bar?
  8. http://forum.phpvms.net/topic/21547-two-new-services-paidfree-startmyvanet/
  9. Just a quick little suggestion, i would add a button that checks all the weekdays for you without clicking each and everyone, or have them automatically selected and there would be a deselect all button. I know when i used to put my schedules in using phpVMS i would hate having to check those boxes.
  10. What i would do is put the copyright above the "Users Online", and i don't know if i like that little menu on the bottom. Everything else looks pretty darn good though.
  11. Hmm maybe not if that was your intention, i guess it looks fine but it does look a little bit off to me, maybe it's just my browser.
  12. Okay, so this is a really nice site great job! One problem that i don't know if you are aware of or not. http://postimg.org/image/xzc3wjffr/ Is it supposed to be like that?
  13. Nicely done. It is great that you paid attention to detail, that is what makes airlines succeed today. So many lack full customization, and you have managed to do it. I wish you all the best.
  14. Not sure, i mean it is buried somewhere in the install folder. I don't think you need to re-install phpVMS, but what you could do is install it in another database and just copy the contents.
  15. edmundk


    ^ You could though, if you just make the flight booking page insert what the pilot enters directly into the database, wouldn't that be exactly what he wants?
  16. Sure as long as you keep the same database everything should be fine, although i don't know why you would want to complicate things, it makes no sense.
  17. Yeah i just replaced those folders and the problem persists.
  18. It was working before, i don't know what happened, there must be another way. I reinstalled the core folder and the same issue still persists.
  19. Warning: call_user_func_array() [function.call-user-func-array]: First argument is expected to be a valid callback, 'Schedules::viewaction' was given in/core/classes/MainController.class.php on line 218 This is the error i get when i try to book a flight any ideas?
  20. Thanks, I will try that!
  21. So i want to show the pilots custom flight map in the pilot center. How would i go about displaying that template in there? Thanks.
  22. In the maintenance in admin panel, do an ACARs reset.
  23. Airline with code 34560 does not exist! Skipping... Airline with code 234560 does not exist! Skipping... Airline with code 0 does not exist! Skipping... Aircraft "B744" does not exist! Skipping Airline with code KPHL does not exist! Skipping... Airline with code N/A does not exist! Skipping... Airline with code :00 does not exist! Skipping... Airline with code 22:05:00 does not exist! Skipping... Airline with code 0:00 does not exist! Skipping... Airline with code 0:00 does not exist! Skipping... Airline with code :05:00 does not exist! Skipping... Airline with code P does not exist
  24. So is it basically impossible to now get the airport information for schedule imports? It's not returning anything when i want to add a new airport. Im guessing because of phpVMS servers. Anyone have a list of many airports they could share?
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