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  1. Stealthbird97

    Schedules Layout Problem.

    Yeah, ok. It may the javascripts error as I did get a no Routes Passed problem but eddited the code to make it work. hmmm. This template has caused a endless amount of problems.
  2. Stealthbird97

    Schedules Layout Problem.

    So you're saying its the announcements bar?
  3. Stealthbird97

    Schedules Layout Problem.

    Hi there, I've got a small problem with my layout forms. First of all when I open the schedules list I get this But when I search I get it like this Anyone got any ideas on how to fix this. Thank You in Advance.
  4. Stealthbird97

    Fly Jet Virtual Launch

    I didn't say this was off topic. I'm just saying that there are duplicate topics which are almost exactly the same that just isn't needed. http://forum.phpvms.net/topic/8510-fly-jet-virtual-launch/#entry56828
  5. Stealthbird97

    GlobeAero virtual is live

    Please get a skin for your site!
  6. Stealthbird97

    Fly Jet Virtual Launch

    One Topic please! Don't duplicate. Especially after one day.
  7. Stealthbird97

    "No route passed" [solved]

    Thank you very much. Fixed my problem. jQuery and bids now working!
  8. Stealthbird97

    Pilots Info Displayed in Sidebar.

    anyone for the third post by me?
  9. Stealthbird97

    Pilots Info Displayed in Sidebar.

    Any way of displaying the avatar as well This doesn't work <img src="<?php echo PilotData::getPilotAvatar($pilotcode); ?>" />
  10. Stealthbird97

    Pilots Info Displayed in Sidebar.

    Thank you very much!
  11. Stealthbird97

    Pilots Info Displayed in Sidebar.

    I have a sidebar section which is only visible when a pilot is logged in. I would also like this section show some user data. What code would I need to make it display the pilots name. I've already tried <?php echo $userinfo->firstname . ' ' . $userinfo->lastname; ?>! But this doesn't show anything. I would be much obliged if someone could tell me the code i need. Thanks
  12. Stealthbird97

    SkyJet USA - Now Hiring

    Good Luck. But you must agree that it is pointless starting Virtual airline when it has already been done countless times before and will not have a hope in hell of competing with the larger and more established ones. Also Do you have written permission from Delta?
  13. Stealthbird97

    vLufthansa Needs Pilots/Staff

    Well If they have given it to him then he won't worry about continuing.
  14. Stealthbird97

    SkyJet USA - Now Hiring

    I don't see how anyonecould compete with http://www.deltava.org/
  15. Stealthbird97

    Admin Centre Skinning?

    Edit the CSS