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  1. Thanks I have a look and see what I may need to change.
  2. Funny that, I had had the problem a few years back and looked up an old support ticket with my server and they told me how to expand the memory. I had do change the memory in the PHP ini file. It was your help that jogged my memory. Thanks for the help. It sucks getting old and forgetting stuff like this . Thanks again.
  3. Ok is there a line of script to set it higher or do I set it on the server?
  4. I have been getting this error for sometime now. I get it every time I approve a pirep. I even did a clean install and rebuild when we were cyber attacked. The pireps get approve but we get this at the top of the page anyways. Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 73400320 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 6710 bytes) in /hermes/waloraweb095/b338/pow.llju1/htdocs/core/classes/ezdb/ezdb_mysql.class.php on line 273 any Ideas. it is just annoying. Thanks Lloyd Mendenhall
  5. I posted this earlier and did it in the wrong place. Sorry to be a bother. Here is what I put up. Thanks. <solved>
  6. Ok got hacked big time on the 29 Sep 2013. It is important to check you emails. Had I then I would have known about this on friday and been able to prevent it. Oh well needed a new look for the site anyways. I may need some help from a few of you as it has been a long while since I built the original site lol.
  7. I am a bit confused. How do you add a xml feed to you site? Silly question I am sure but it has been a while since I have done much it he way of coding. Well a few months anyways Thanks Lloyd Got it fixed duh so simple Thanks
  8. That did it. Thanks
  9. I can not get this to show the full flight Number. As we have 5 Wings(Airlines) it only show the letters of the Wings(Airlines) but not the actual flight number. EX. VMC1001 just will show as VMC or 57V0401-1 will only show 57V. any Ideas? thanks
  10. Another Great Simpilot addon. Thanks so much for this
  11. no what it does is when I look at all pireps in admin, it has given the wrong PID. It also show the wrong PID on my front page under recent Pireps.It is assigning the airline id to the beginning of the PID. In Other words. IF I fly another airlines(wing) schedule it will show the Wing Id in front of my id number. exp. my pilot id is VMC0001, but if I fly a scheduel that is listed with the 1956thVMAW (56V) it will put the put my PID as 56V0001 not VMC0001. It still give me credit for the flight though.
  12. Ok I just noticed something really weird. We gave 6 airlines(wings). Our pilots can fly any flights even from other wings. when a pilot flies a flight another airline(wing) it tacks on the airline(wing)Id to the pilots pirep. I.E. my pilot Id is VMC0001, If I fly flight 56V1001 it will show the pirep with the pilot ID as 56V0001. It still gives me the hours under my VMC0001 id. and it shows in my list of pireps on my pilot center. Any Ideas?
  13. here is mine.my web address is:Virtual Military Airlift Command Lloyd
  14. Thanks lorathon and simpilot. I have tried your code with every combination I can think of I even changed the$sql to $query. nothing works. so I will give up for a bit.
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