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  1. On that page, look at the top left for text that says "Add an Expense". The link is /admin/action.php/finance/addexpense You can add all your expenses there.
  2. Are you adding the expense from the Admin Center on the /admin/index.php/finance/viewexpenses page?
  3. It's best to use an FTP program to change your files like FileZilla.
  4. Jeff


    That's fine. Thanks Kyle. I know you are busy with several other things, and that you will get to things at a decent time, I just thought maybe you might've forgot with such a full plate.
  5. Both the local.config and app.config are in the same place. Inside the core folder.
  6. Just set the fuel price to your reasonable price in the local.config then you won't have to change it in the admin center every time you add a new airport.
  7. Jeff


    Is there anyhing on the request I made about categorizing separate tasbles with this module? As an example of what I am needing is as follows: Table #1 Category: Type Ratings List of all Type Rating Awards for that pilot. (Have them list three or four across then repeat under them as they get more awards for that category). Table #2 Category: Frequent Flyer Awards Same as above For each new category you add to the module it creates a new table in the template. If the member has no rewards for a specific category, it will just say "No Rewards At This Time". Let me know what you think Kyle. Thanks.
  8. I believe that he is wanting to have the pilots' signature change based on the rank the pilot is, not the rank image itself.
  9. The link to the charts can be linked to the Airport Chart module found in these forums.
  10. I use FiveDev and it is already installed for you.
  11. Jeff

    kacars crashed

    Run your Task Manager and see if there is another kacars processing that you might not be aware of.
  12. Colin, Can you paste the code you are placing in the profile_main.tpl so we can see if there is something you might be doing wrong?
  13. Jeff

    Any Addon Ideas?

    Couldn't you just install the Random Flights from Jeff Kobus (lorathon) to your schedule search? This would possibly be the best solution to what you are asking for.
  14. I'm not sure that is a good idea as this will bring up every flight available from that airport, and will result in members complaining of a very extended navigation submenu. There is, however a better alternative if you use Jeff Kobus' code that shows an option to view flights from your location right from your schedule search. I use this option on my schedule search.
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