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  1. Hello there, I might be re-posting this, i am not sure but I want to create a schedule table something of this sort: FLIGHT NO | DEP. TIME | DEP. ICAO | SU MO TUE WED THU FRI SAT | ARR. TIME | ARR. ICAO | OPTIONS AA0000 | 00:05 | EGCC | IMAGE OF AIRCRAFT WHERE THE DAY THE FLIGHT FLY'S | 00:55 | EGLL | BRIEFING/BID ETC. Can someone help me with this or make me one or may be any link for a similar thing earlier? sorry i dont seem to find it. Thanks.!
  2. That worked liked a charm! Thanks SimPilot!!!
  3. Hi, Unfortuantely that did not help out i am already of 5.3.29 php. Regards Please assist this is causing big issue for us. thanks.
  4. Negative. Any solution for my issue please?
  5. Hello, I am having the following issue when any pilot tries to add comment to his/her pirep. I am displaying the following code on the view pirep report page (where all data of the pirep is displayed): <?php if($comments) if(Auth::LoggedIn() && Auth::$userinfo->pilotid == $report->pilotid) { echo ' '; foreach($comments as $comment) { ?> - <?php echo $comment->comment?> <i>(<?php echo $comment->firstname . ' ' .$comment->lastname?>)</i><br> <?php } echo ''; } ?> <a href="<?php echo url('/pireps/addcomment?id='.$report->pirepid);?>">Add Comment</a><br /> </td> </tr> It does not detect the pirep id when clicked on add comment. Is there anything that I am doing wrong? Waiting for assistance, Thanks.
  6. Thanks for your reply but isnt this for SMF Forums, I am using PHPBB3
  7. Hello Everyone, Can someone provide me a script to use with the forums which allow pilots to be automatically registered in PHPBB3 after their approval at the virtual airline system PHPVMS? I have seen a system like this one but that's for 3.0.8 mine is 3.0.11 please can some one provide it to me i will be grateful! Thanks.
  8. hello, its been almost a week im trying to reset my password for vacentral, i do receve the weekly report but when ever i try resetting my password i never the password reset email. please assist.
  9. Anyone with a auto register script for phpbb3 please? phpbb 3.0.11
  10. Hello I am using simpilot phpvms enhanced however when i save any members new settings in PHPVMS Admin Pilot Information it does not save it when i refresh it comes back the old info. Please help
  11. the module is located in weburl/ABVirtual/core/modules/APVacars/APVacars.php but still getting this error what to do?
  12. STARs

    strange issue

    Mark I don't think it can be a browser issue many other members of the virtual airline also complain the same. I use Firefox chrome and ie. All of them same issue. Jordan Iv already tried doing that no luck
  13. A very strange issue has started with my website and also rest of my other websites in my server after a recent Apache update all websites are loading old data as in until we don't press ctrl f5 the old cache data kwwps getting displayed plz tell me how can I fix this?
  14. STARs


    Itrobb I'm looking to get cities not icaos
  15. Didn't really get your question bro.
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