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  1. The airline we model, releases the complete seasonal program in excel spreadsheet. These are for the hole seasons, and we want to try make a script to extract flights for a given week/period within the season, for example, 1 week in May, 1 week in July, 1 week in September. This would save us a great deal of manual labour, and would free up time to do other stuff with our airline. For the season we are in now, I manualy removed duplicates, adjusted for active/inactive within the season etc. I want to make this more effective. Anyway, the format for the spreadsheet is like this: FltNo From To Freq STC ACT DEP STD ARR STA Config DY118 30MAR12 30MAR12 5 J 73H BGO 1810 AES 1855 Y186 DY118 13APR12 27APR12 5 J 73H BGO 1810 AES 1855 Y186 DY118 29APR12 22JUN12 5 7 J 73H BGO 1810 AES 1855 Y186 DY118 19AUG12 19AUG12 7 J 733 BGO 1810 AES 1855 Y148 DY118 24AUG12 26OCT12 5 7 J 73H BGO 1810 AES 1855 Y186 DY119 30MAR12 30MAR12 5 J 73H AES 1915 BGO 2000 Y186 DY119 13APR12 22JUN12 5 J 73H AES 1915 BGO 2000 Y186 DY119 24AUG12 26OCT12 5 J 73H AES 1915 BGO 2000 Y186 (Day 7 is Sunday , 0 in VMS) So what we want to do is that, if we select a week in May, the script would extract every flight in that period and compile it in a csv format for import to our system. Probably a massive task, but if somebody is capable and interested in giving us a hand, send me a pm or mail me @ jantore(youknowwhattoputhere)virtualnorwegian.net / skype jan.tore.elvheim Cheers PS. If somebody knows any other way to get up to date schedule data ready for VMS in an easy "effortless" way, please give me a shout. I know somebody gets data from forexample Innovata, how does this work? A tool to extract the timetable from amadeus would be very cool
  2. Hi Wondering if AIRAC updates are progressing any further (Ref. Hosting and Navdata Updates ) Around our neighbourhood the airways and fixes has changed a lot since the first version and we hope to se an update able airac soon so we can easily keep it updated. Uptil now we have been updating some fixes ourself but its not the best solution. Thank you Jan Tore
  3. For over a year now, time goes realy fast!: Virtual Norwegian - http://www.virtualnorwegian.net
  4. Sweet, worked out great! Added to our site. Thank you for making so many great things for VMS
  5. I like this one very good, I think I will use this one for our site as well. Virtual Norwegian Timetable I have one problem though It also displays routes that are set to inactive in the timetable. How can I get it to only display active routes? (Routes from/to EKRN for example is not enabled so should not be visible)
  6. I would also like to have the parking brake release to trigger the timer. I want block to block. I got some notes from some of the pilots about this to. And also, the way it now, we have to closely look at the time used in each pirep, because some forgets that the timer starts right away or they sometimes have to delay the flight. So a 1 hour trip becomes 1:20 and so on. On a pirep from one of our pilot sent a pirep on 2 hours on a 1 hour flight(Dinner time ) 2 cents I'll send you a mail regarding this an another request I sent earlier this summer.
  7. If you go to Core/Modules/ACARS and rename the fsacars file, fsacars can't connect to your site, effectively disabling it. I have done this with fspax.
  8. It was the reCapthca causing the problem, we have made a temporary solution until we get the "link" to recaptha solved. And now also recaptha work, it was the external server connection that was making the trouble.
  9. I know you ment no harm, but I think you should be careful with such remarks when you don't know the whole story. If we don't know whats wrong its like looking for the needle in you know what See you up in the sky
  10. I rather keep recaptha off course, but I think it is kinnda unfair to say it like you do regarding unpro host etc. They have solved all my problems so far in a very positive and effective way. In this case I just don't know what has happen and neither does my host. They also have other customers on the servers who don't have the problem.(not that they are using similar scripts etc) It was working excellent until recently, and neither I or host changed anything. Only thing we did was to add vacentral to our settings, I tried remove it, but that wasn't the problem. I tried getting a new api code from google, but I don't know where to insert the recaptha api code into vms... As allways it must be one server that the system needs external connection to witch we don't have set up yet or the ip adress of an existing one has changed.
  11. Oki, then I'll probably be without new members for a while Is there a way to disable the recapthca and get the register form working?
  12. Did you get it fixed? We currently have the same prrblem. I think it is related to the reCaptcha. I have talked to the host, but they have no idea what is causing it. Is there a way to bypass the reCaptcha and make our own entry question? We tried removing recaptha from the register page, but then nothing will happen when we push register...
  13. Xacars only reports in lbs. As long as you set the local config to kg it should be calculated in the reports
  14. That will be no problem, allready made an account for you You only need ftp?
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