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  1. jacksonscott

    Trouble With Airports Also

    That fixed the problem. Thank you!
  2. jacksonscott

    Trouble With Airports Also

    I am currently having the same problem. Someone please help!
  3. jacksonscott

    ACARS Map on Converted Templates

    Where can I find the js script to include in the skin?
  4. jacksonscott

    ACARS Map on Converted Templates

    Does anyone else have the same problem as I? I have converted a template for phpVMS use and the ACARS map is not appearing. Could someone help me make it appear? Thanks!
  5. Launchedon September 22, 2013, Air America has launched a new version of their website. There are many new features and layout changes. Visit at http://www.flyarvirtual.com/index.php.
  6. jacksonscott

    /ACARS. Problem

    You and your pilots need either FSAcars or XAcars for live tracking. You also need live tracking enabled in XAcars/FSAcars.
  7. Air America will be using 4 Boeing 777-300ERs to embark on a Europenan Expansion! We will launch daily nonstop fiights from our main hub at New York-JFK to Amsterdam, Zurich, Istanbul, and Madrid. Amsterdam flights: Start November 1st, 2013 Zurich flights: Start October 1st, 2013 Istanbul Flights: Start October 15th, 2013 Madrid Flights: Start November 20th, 2013. Also in the next few weeks, we will be buying a .com domain! Visit us at (our current web address) http://airmaerica.site90.com!
  8. jacksonscott

    Weird ACARS Problem

    I have this problem and I reset my ACARs tables and it persists. How do I fix it?
  9. jacksonscott

    Looking for a graphics designer

    If you still need it, please message me. I am willing to help you and design them.
  10. Air America is looking for virtual airlines to have partnerships with. Please message me and send a 289 x 70 image of youer logo if you would like to partner.
  11. jacksonscott

    Air America

    Check the site now.
  12. jacksonscott

    Refresh (Regenerate) Pilot Badge

    Thank you!
  13. jacksonscott

    Air America

    \Air America is a fresh VA that offers you the opportunity to fly in style and have fun. Join now at airamericava.tk!
  14. jacksonscott

    Refresh (Regenerate) Pilot Badge

    Can someone tell me how to get an updated pilot badge? I changed the background picture, so how do I get it so that it is that picture and not the default one? I went and edited the image and uploaded it.
  15. jacksonscott

    BLUE - NEW SKIN ( download )

    Nice looking!