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  1. GlobalOne Alliance is proud to present our new 2015 livery, launching with air malaysia on December 26th. The first aircraft to fly our livery is the air malaysia A330 (9M-VBF) aircraft which has been lovingly named GlobalDream. The new livery embodies our dream of connecting people with the world, with one network and one alliance. The new fresh design will be rolled out to all GlobalOne members early 2015 and will replace the current design. The new livery symbolises a new beginning for GlobalOne in the new year as we continue to grow and expand. GlobalOne Alliance has established a strong brand across the virtual airline world and we hope that our pilots will be proud to fly our new design. Designed by Sher of air malaysia, flown by GlobalOne across the world. Watch our official launch video: GlobalOne Alliance: http://globalonealliance.com Air Malaysia: http://airmalaysiavirtual.com/ GlobalOne Unique: http://globalonealli...lobalone-livery
  2. For anyone still wondering about this issue, its not likely your hosts fault. The problem is caused by an incompatibility within PHP 5.3 and on-wards.
  3. Introducing africanwings a new virtual airline for africa This is a sneak preview of a new Virtual Airline coming to the african continent very shortly. About Us: Established in mid 2013, africanwings has always been the vision to create a truly pan-african airline which will provide low-cost, high quality service across the african continent. With bases expanding out of Tanzania, the ambition is to expand our route network by creating new bases across neighbouring countries. The core of africanwings is to build and run a realistic virtual airline operation, whilst basing our operations as realistic as possible to a real world airline, we have a unique brand and will develop in our own way, without copying any real world airline directly.! Future plans: Our ambition is to develop and establish as Africa's leading airline on the vatsim network and engage more pilots within the area. We want to introduce more pilots to the region and encourage them to discover new corners of the world which they have previously not flown to often. We plan to expand our A320 fleet by opening new bases and are also considering a smaller aircraft which would service airports which are unserviceable by the A320 aircraft due to weight restrictions. The Launch: The airline will launch sometime late May/ early June 2014 with 5 leased aircraft of the A320 series. There is no set date for the launch and its primary deciding factor will be technical obstacles faced whilst developing our website, systems and procedures. Get engaged: You can follow our progress on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/Africanwings) and Twitter (https://twitter.com/africanwings). We are not actively searching for staff, however if you have a specific talent, or have experience working in a previous virtual airline and want to help shape this new venture send me an email: lm@globalonealliance.com. Preview of our livery design:
  4. Not sure I understand your question, could you rephrase? Also we are known as GlobalOne, but Mobile One is also a good name .
  5. The video is very nice. I thought the video production showed really good attention to detail.
  6. The way we do the apps allow them to be ported to android and windows phone. However I want to get comfortable with iOS first before moving on to other platforms.
  7. The app is being updated, the update is currently pending apples approval process. It was initially designed for iOS 6 where the layout was much better. Also I am now more experienced and this app should not be indicative of the quality of apps I can create.
  8. Hello everyone, I am offering an iOS app development opportunity for your VA. iOS development is a very complex process and I am still in the process of learning everything, so meanwhile please consider the following information below: Whats currently possible: A static app with some limited dynamic interaction Everything that can be coded in HTML5, javascript, CSS Whats currently not possible: Dynamic interaction with phpVMS (i.e. pilots filing pireps, accessing pilot profiles etc.) Live flight tracking from vatsim Complex interaction with MySQL databases (I will add to this list). I am offering a service whereby you can place an app coded in HTML5, CSS and javascript which I can convert and make it run as a native app inside iOS, and publish it on the iOS app store. This means that everything that is possible in HTML5, will be possible to be coded inside the app. HTML5 is incredibly powerful and many apps already on the app store are coded in HTML5 for example facebook used be a HTML app for a very long time. Intially I will be offering to develop more static apps, however as I develop more skill as a iOS developer I will add on capability which you can include in your apps. Pricing: Initial I will be offering a promotional rate for the entire process (development, publication) of: £20/ $25. (this will increase in the future, price will also vary depending on project complexity). There will also be an annual subscription fee to keep your app live in the app store which will be: £20/ $25. Payments will be made upon app publication to the store, although a £5 commitment fee applies (included in price). During the year you will be able to submit unlimited updates to your apps. I am happy to answer any of your questions so feel free to post here or email me directly: lm@globalonealliance.com. Currently published apps: GlobalOne Alliance app (being updated): Link to app, press here.
  9. Im not sure where you get your information but GlobalOne does not in any way seek control over our members. We have certain standards and requirements our member need to maintain however each member operates independently, we never invade our airlines independence. Any such suggestions are malice and show little knowledge of how our or any alliance operates (as far as I can tell we never had any official dealings with your va so I dont know how you can even claim to have inside knowledge). GlobalOne is currently the longest and most successful operating alliance, Im sure opinions may differ but we have been operating since 2006. Other organisations have copied many of our operational structures which we pioneered. Whilst we had our problems in the past, these have been worked through a rigorous restructuring process. GlobalOne is and remains the longest and most successful currently operating alliance.
  10. lol cant believe this was it, I got it fixed after the whole day looking for a solution. I had to delete the phpvms_ prefix for the database in FrontSchedulesData.class.php
  11. Hi, first off please dont tell me to search the forums for a solution as I already did so. Essentially I am using the FrontSchedules module and am experiencing the issiue where it says no routes have been found. I have seen other people with the same problem but no workable solution. I am using a new installation of phpvms and know that the schedules exist. The build in search feature works fine. All the information in the dropdown menu shows up fine, except for the Select an aircraft type. Does anyone know what could be causing this issue?
  12. Would like to bump this topic. Is there any progress? Thanks
  13. Seriously? When was the last time you used a CD other than to install an OS or FS? CD's/ DVD's are becoming redundant. Apple is always a step ahead of other companies, you will see that others will follow soon. You also forget that the new Microsoft Surface products (and other tablets), which are Microsoft's future also do not have CD trays , so its not only Apple doing this.
  14. Hey, Could someone please direct me to where phpvms stores the database details (i.e. the file)? I cant seem to be able to find it. Thanks
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