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  1. Do you still have any aircraft you own and did you ever import info to a website so it shows the stats
  2. thanks for the reply,i have just started using the program and was wondering if there was a way to get the stats for pilots to show up on my website.I did notice at one point i tried to use one of the plains it requested and had to edit the registration in order to fly it,sorry to hear it dint work out for you
  3. Has anyone ever install any stats from fseconomy on there website to monitor the the pilots.
  4. Just wanted to say great add on and also wanted to mention Parkho thank you for all your help in repairing my site.
  5. Hello tom that file from fsx is it SQL database already and if so would it be possible to get from you thank you
  6. i would put the the obsessblue folder in the area that i mention above to you in the skin folder then when go to your admin area in your program and follow the direction i mention earlyer and make it your defaul, as form changing the files there are several ones they should be the ones in the skin folder that you have now Folder would be obsessblue on your site ,im not the best persone to help you out im kinda of a newby myself but have found out how to work things by trial and error and from having the good peaple here on the forum help with question here is my site if you would like to view it for some ideas www.toronto-virtual-atc.com sorry if i cant be more help but ill do what i can to help
  7. 5 Star Virtual Aviation CEO Try this go to your admin page--- click on Site and Setting tab----- Click on general Settings---- then you see a spot says Current Skin make sure your skin you want shows up there and also make sure you new skin is in the proper folder should be Public_html folder---- Lib folder----Skin folder and this is where is belongs hope this helps you
  8. i have a different skin but ran into the same problem then finaly resolved it hope this help i pasted this into the Layout file close to bottom and it work you can see it here on my site www.toronto-virtual-atc.com hope this helps you im just a noobee trying to get by <h4>Pilots Online</h4> <?php $shown = array(); foreach($usersonline as $pilot) { if(in_array($pilot->pilotid, $shown)) continue; else $shown[] = $pilot->pilotid; echo "<p>"; echo '<img src="'.Countries::getCountryImage($pilot->location).'" alt="'.Countries::getCountryName($pilot->location).'" />'; echo " {$pilot->firstname} {$pilot->lastname}<br />"; echo "</p>"; } ?> <h4>Guests Online</h4> <p class="txt-red10">Currently <?php echo count($guestsonline);?> guest(s) visiting. </ul>
  9. I tried to buy a jumpseat then check the table nothing is chacnge table still had original info and did not show jumpseat
  10. here is the data base you asked if you could tell what the problem may be Doc1.pdf
  11. Well i tried to reload it and its the same problem,if i at the airport i can purchase the bid and thats ok also i can fly to the next location and it tracks me just fine but the problem is if i want to purchase jumpseat it takes my money but tells me i have not purchased a ticket and still at last location and ive put in all the mod you suggested
  12. Thank you Simpilot i will start from scrach again and give it a go , i know its not the program its got to be something im not doing right or its in my system but i do apreciate all this time from you and others to help me out.
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