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  1. I think it would be better to start this with that already enabled considering how many VA's are based on the Euro continent and how many Europeans use VA's over the world. I for one would like to see this implemented from the start.
  2. Is this going to be a standard thing built in to it?
  3. Without seeing how the new version might work, can we have an 'all days' check box for route availability?
  4. Then it's just my provider. I use the url you mention.
  5. Does anybody have any issues with accessing this site? I tried and I get a message stating that the site contains malware. Thanks.
  6. After hacks and server issues, we are back. The Golden Lion is recruiting pilots to fly and route test. We don't limit the airframe you can fly. We use kAcars for tracking and are having a redesign of the livery. We are currently using Boeing 737-800, 757-300, 777-300ER and the 787-8 is on order. Also on fleet is Airbus 321-200 and 330-300 with the 350-900 on order. You must fly at least 1 flight per month and be using kAcars. http://www.vcal.org.uk
  7. This option would be great with the aircraft and selection boxes, similar to day select boxes. Someone could create the route and check say B737, B757, A320 as viable assets to be used on this route. This would be so much easier than creating multiples of the same route for different frames. I didn't even know multiples of the same route was possible.
  8. It looks like the textures have moved. Have you resized any of them? Look at the tail. It has the textures for the engines on it.
  9. A thought. Is your fleet page a page you created or is it part of a custom skin?
  10. No idea. Maybe someone else can help you more with it.
  11. What I suggested works for me. It gets greyed out in the admin side.
  12. That may do nothing and leave the aircraft active. Uncheck the box and click the edit aircraft at the bottom of the page.
  13. All I do is edit those and put in new data for the replacement. You can't actually remove aircraft, just edit and make them active.
  14. Are you still looking for partners? Contatc me.
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