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  1. Hey guys! Remember SimPilotGroup's Airmail Module available at https://github.com/D.../phpVMS-AirMail ? I've been doing a few additions to the module lately, specifically those we have set up as our milestones. (Viewable at https://github.com/D...sues/milestones ) With the most recent one being a contacts addition (Pull Request #6 https://github.com/D...-AirMail/pull/6 ) Here is a video demonstrating the new additions: This is already in production over at Wings on Air http://wingsonair.net ! Stay tuned for more updates to this module soon! A ton of thanks to SimPilotGroup for cre
  2. https://github.com/D...-AirMail/pull/4 pull request submitted.
  3. a better solution coming up in the next release: http://forum.phpvms.net/topic/8375-installation-errors/
  4. Hey Vansers! I know we already discussed this issue on github, So I'm posting a link to the issue submitted to keep any researchers informed! https://github.com/n...pVMS/issues/102 For this one, refer to https://github.com/n...hpVMS/issues/77 This one I neglected to commit. after line 60, add the following: self::$request = new stdClass(); Edit: Sorry, I didn't forget to commit this, It's available at https://github.com/nshahzad/phpVMS/commit/96bee1315c14d1a576e80090ef66909fde3fa34f Good luck!
  5. I have a fix for the issues you guys are reporting, I also have some new features. Just waiting on david to create a development branch before submitting the pull request.
  6. I shall require 78 Smirnoffs, 12 rubber bands, 117 pop-sickle sticks, a bottle of pepto bismol and a bottle of elmers glue. I will PM you with the address where you can ship the supplies. Haha, just kidding. here is how I decided to implement that function: I placed the above function in ./core/common/MaintenanceData.class.php ​Now for the following bit you will have to forgive me as I have modded our installation of phpVMS tremendously and can't remember exactally what is in the default package. In ./core/common/PilotData.class.php around line 291 I put the following code (Keep i
  7. poor guy are you still wanting this buddy? What version of phpVMS do you want it on?
  8. This depends on several things and mainly by your network layout. For example, Lets say your Internet service provider has supplied you with a router or modem, this is their demarcation point. And let's say this modem only has one ethernet port, so in order for you to have multiple computers connected to the internet you install your own router, as most people do. You now have 3 firewalls in your network. The one on your modem, the one on your router, and the one built into your windows system. Here is what I would recommend you do. Identify your ISP's demarcation point and find out if it has
  9. Give a man a fish, he eats for a day...
  10. Oxymoron290


    That's a bit harsh and against the values of the open source community Although the license allows for such bigotry development, One shouldn't hinder the ability for another to approve and contribute upon the project. Especially when just asking for help.
  11. you alternatively want to do this: if($oldFile['filename'] != $pilotcode){ LogData::addLog(Auth::$userinfo->pilotid, "[Avatar HotFix]The file ".$newAvatar." was renamed to ".$pilotcode.'.'.$oldFile['extension']); $reply = @rename($directory.DS.$newAvatar, $directory.DS.$pilotcode.'.'.$oldFile['extension']); if (Config::Get('SIGNATURE_SHOW_AVATAR_IMAGE') == true) { LogData::addLog(Auth::$userinfo->pilotid, "[Avatar HotFix]Regernated signature for ".$pilotcode); PilotData::GenerateSignature($pilot->pilotid); } return $reply; }else{ return true; }
  12. I havn't used FSPAX, however it determines the users online status by the ACARS module, which i would assume, fspax ties into, as would any acars system.
  13. and a bottle of Elmer's glue. forgot to add that in there...
  14. Below is a function which will take any givin pilot and find the appropriate avatar for him and re-associate the avatar with the pilot after said pilot has been moved to another airline, or had their ID changed. ​it also deletes any unnecessary avatars. public static function fixAvatar($pilotid){ // Get the pilots Information. $pilotid = (int)$pilotid; $sql = "SELECT * FROM `".TABLE_PREFIX."pilots` WHERE `pilotid`=$pilotid"; $pilot = DB::get_row($sql); unset($pilotid); $err = DB::errno(); if($err != 0){ return false; } // Setting up the check (with regex) for an avatar with
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